Rak Afrikana: released - $7 million ransom maybe

Rak Africana, IMO 8200553, 1981 ransomed and released. owned by Rak Afrikana Shipping Ltd, United Arab Emirates and managed by Al Sinbad Shipping & Marine, UAE, Zambezi Shipping Agency LLC UAE. Vessel changed owners 8 times
Rak International company, which owns the ship handed over the ransom amount on March 8. The pirates, numbering about 25, were demanding a ransom of $7 million. “Negotiations were going on all these days and they might have reduced the amount little bit, Yesterday the authorities who had flown in a chartered flight dropped the bundle of notes covered with a plastic bag in the sea as per the instructions of pirates, who arrived at the spot in a speed boat. It takes minimum seven to eight hours for them to count and divide the booty. The pirates accompany the ship, carrying the crew members up to the border where a ship of the Indian Navy is anchored.
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