Providence: Libya’s coastal air defenses

One official said US navy is planning a sea-launched missile attack from the Mediterranean against elements of Libya’s coastal air defenses. One official says the US intends to limit its involvement – at least in the initial stages – to helping protect French and other air missions by taking out Libyan air defenses.In 2003, the Providence fired missiles into Iraq from the Red Sea. Eighteen months earlier, the sub had fired some of the opening shots against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It has 12 dedicated vertical launching system (VLS) tubes for launching Tomahawks.

about 110 Tomahawk missiles, fired from American warships and submarines and one British submarine struck 20 air-defense targets around Tripoli, the capital, and the western city of Misurata. He said the strikes were against longer-range air defense missiles as well as early warning radar sites and main command-and-control communication centers.
Vice Adm. William E. Gortney, director of the Joint Staff

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