MV Dai Hung Dan - call for further action

A State Department official said the rescue was part of the Proliferation Security Initiative mission -- a grouping of nations aimed at stopping North Korea from proliferating weapons of mass destruction. A maritime organization has raised suspicions about the North Korean vessel and has called for further action.


Dai Hong Dan hijacked, USN helps wounded crew

North Korea's MV Dai Hong Dan cargo vessel, which was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia late last month, docks in the Red Sea port of Aden in southern Yemen, 05 November 2007. The US Navy abandoned the ship off the Somali coast last week despite a call for its detention for alleged involvement in "suspicious activities," according to a US Navy official. A US Navy destroyer was earlier tracking the MV Dai Hong Dan after engaging pirates who had hijacked the vessel, helping the crew to regain control.