Kearsarge ARG: USN Repositioning to Med

The United States military “is in the planning and preparing mode” on Libya, and will be able to provide the full range of options for national leaders, Pentagon spokesman Marine Corps Col. Dave Lapan said here today.

The U.S. military is moving naval and air forces to the region, he said.

President Barack Obama asked the military to prepare these options as the situation in Libya gets worse. News reports indicate while Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi is attacking rebels in and around the capital of Tripoli, anti-regime forces hold the east.

In a Feb. 26 call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama said: “When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” according to the White House.

The Defense Department has not been directly tasked for any mission, Lapan said.

“We have planners working various contingency plans,” he said. “It’s safe to say as a part of that, we’re re-positioning forces to provide for that flexibility. We are re-positioning forces in the region to provide options and flexibility.”


Dover: Worldwide geared bulk carrier hijacked

DOVER ex VORIOS IPIROS HELLAS hijacked 260 nm NE of Salalah bound for Saleef, Yemen from Port Quasim, Pakistan
7433634 DOVER H8RV Bulker 38097 1981 Panama
IMO: 7433634
MMSI: 353929000
Callsign: H8RV
Flag: Panama

Category: Bulk Carrier
manager/owner Worldwide Shipmanagement, SA Athens, Greece

ships that were refused access to Community ports
Pursuant to Article 7b of Directive 95/21/EC of 19 June 1995 on Port State Control

7/07/2005 07/03/2006 The Netherlands
Panama Medium
Panama Bulk carrier
The Netherlands
Russian Fed.
The Netherlands

Tourville: Bulgarians told to embark at Benghazi

French frigate last seen at Valletta, Malta

Another option [ for Bulgarians in Libya] is to sign up for the French battle frigate Tourville from the port of Benghazi. For that, nationals have to contact the Consulate of Sweden in Benghazi, with details as follows:

Person of contact: Anders Nilsson. Phone: +218 61 222 51 16, 223 04 30, 223 79 02, Fax: +218 61 222 52 29, 222 22 99, Email: sweconlibya@yahoo.com, address: Consulate of Sweden, 4, El Arish Street, Feuhat El Gharbia, Benghazi.

Tourville (D 610) is a F67 type large high-sea frigate of the French Marine Nationale specialised in anti-submarine warfare, though it also has anti-air and anti-surface capabilities.

Class and type: Tourville class frigate
Displacement: 4580 tonnes (6100 tonnes fully loaded)
Length: 152.75 m
Beam: 15.80 m
Draught: 6.60 m

2 Rateau steam turbines, double reduction
4 multitubular boilers
Fuel: Gazoil
Propellers : 2 fixed propellers
Power : 58000 hp (42630 kW)
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)

1900 nautical miles (3500 km) at 30 knots (56 km/h)
4500 nautical miles (8300 km) and 18 knots (33 km/h)

24 officers
160 non-commissioned officers
115 men
Sensors and
processing systems:


* 1 DRBV 51B surface sentry radar
* 1 DRBV 26A air sentry radar
* 1 DRBC 32D targeting radar
* 2 DRBN 34 navigation radars
* 1 DUBV 23 hull sonar
* 1 ETBF DSBV 62C sonar
* 1 DSBX 1 tugged sonar
* 1 Syva torpedo alert system

Tactical information



* HF, UHF, VHF and SHF liaison systems
* Syracuse 2
* Inmarsat
* Link 11

Electronic warfare
and decoys:

1 ARBB 32 jammer
1 ARBR 16 radar interceptor
2 Syllex decoy launchers
bubble belt


* 6 × Exocet MM38 anti-ship missiles


* 2 × L5 torpedo launchers, 10 torpedoes on board (L5 mod 4)


* 2 × 100 mm turrets (1968 model)
* 2 × 20 mm cannons
* 4 × 12.7 mm machine guns


* 1 x Crotale EDIR CIWS anti-air missiles (8 missiles on launcher, 16 in magazine)

Aircraft carried:

* 2 x Lynx WG13 anti-ship helicopter


HMS Cumberland:lands SAS, SBS at Benghazi

The British SAS and SBS may have been landed in Libya by HMS Cumberland when it docked in Benghazi on February 24 and then fanned south into the country's huge desert.

The manoeuvre echoes second world war strategies by British commanders when units of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) mounted covert daring strikes in North Africa against enemy positions and supply dumps.

A number of the compounds where oil workers were staying were reported to have been under siege by local militia forces, SAS scoured the country for a suitable landing point – a central meeting point – from where the oil workers would be taken for rescue is
Somehow British special forces managed to placate local militia, most likely by negotiation, and then succesfully rounded up the oil workers from their bases and transported them to the runway.

Hours before the daring operation took place the Ministry of Defence confirmed it had "pre-positioned assets" for a rescue operation. Reports claimed that there may be up to 500 Britons still in compounds scattered across the Libyan desert, prompting speculation that another rescue mission may be required.

A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that the evacuation operation was not finished, pointing to the inevitability of more Hercules rescue flights. He said: "Nothing is compete yet, we've definitely still got people there."


Kearsage ARG: to Mediterranean? Just a guess

Many maritime nations, UK, Germany, India, Metherlands, China. have navy ships destined for Libyan waters. USN is silent as far as we can see. Kearsage last in news helping Pakistan relief in September.
USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) Amphibious Ready Group and 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit are the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command. Kearsarge ARG is made up the following units; Amphibious Squadron FOUR (PHIBRON 4), the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), the amphibious dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) and the amphibious transport dock ship USS Ponce (LPD 15).

York: RN Destroyer from Gib to Malta for Libya

York, D98, was ordered to head east for the Libyan coast from Gibraltar

Name: HMS York
Operator: Royal Navy
Builder: Swan Hunter
Laid down: 18 January 1980
Launched: 20 June 1982
Christened: 9 August 1985
Commissioned: 9 August 1985
Identification: Pennant number: D98

Cumberland frigate had left the rebel-held port of Benghazi in eastern Libya on Thursday carrying 207 passengers but was forced to travel at a reduced speed because of the rough weather in the Mediterranean.

The vessel carried citizens from more than 20 countries -- part of a vast multinational workforce in Libya that includes oil industry executives from Europe and the United States and migrant workers from Africa and Asia.

EGV Berlin: Deutsche Marine to Libya escape

The Berlin supply ship and the Rheinland Pfalz frigate were berthed in Malta's picturesque Grand Harbour, while the third vessel, the Brandenburg, also a frigate, remained offshore.
The Type 702 Berlin class replenishment ships are the largest vessels of the Deutsche Marine (German Navy). In German, this type of ship is called Einsatzgruppenversorger which can be translated as task force supplier though the official translation in English is combat support ship, or in military parlance, a replenishment oiler.
# Power Plant: 2 × MAN Diesel 12V 32/40 diesel-engines, 5,340 kW each; 2 reduction gears, 2 controllable pitch four-bladed propellers, 1 bow thruster
# Length: 173.7 m (569 ft 11 in)
# Beam: 24 m (78 ft 9 in)
# Displacement: 20,240 tonnes
# Capacity: 9330 tonnes of fuel oil, aviation fuel and fresh water
# Cargo space: 550 tonnes mixed cargo
# Speed: 20 kn (37 km/h)
# Aircraft: 2 × Sea King or MH90 helicopters
# Armament: 4 × MLG 27 mm autocannons, Stinger surface to air missile (MANPADS), 2 × RAM launcher (planned)
# Crew: 139 (+ 94), plus hospital capacity of 43 patients


In the next few hours INS Jalayashaya (USS Trenton) (L41) second largest ship of the Indian Navy India, and two destroyers will be dispatched from Mumbai to evacuate its citizens from Libya. 18,000 Indians are currently based in Libya, many of them work for construction companies. L41 can take 1000.

Class and type: Austin class amphibious transport dock
Displacement: 8894 tons light, 16590 tons full, 7696 tons dead
Length: 173.7 meters (570 feet) overall, 167 meters (548 feet) waterline
Beam: 30.4 meters (100 feet) extreme, 25.6 meters (84 feet) waterline
Draught: 6.7 meters (22 feet) maximum, 7 meters (23 feet) limit
Propulsion: Two boilers, two steam turbines, two shafts; 24,000 shp
Speed: 20 knots (40 km/h)
Capacity: 900-1000 troops
Complement: 28 officers, 480 men, 1436 marines
Armament: 4 × 3 in / 50 caliber AA gun mounts
Aircraft carried: capacity:6 UH-3 Sea King helicopters
Notes: capacity: Four LCM-8 landing craft housed in a hangar below

Maria Dolores: US charter reached Valetta

Philip J. Crowley, a State Department spokesman, said at least 167 Americans were on board the ferry Maria Dolores. The State Department has said 40 members of the United States Embassy as well as family members were among the passengers boatrded in Tripoli Libya which has now reached Valetta, malta.
Overall length
Waterline length
Beam moulded
Hull depth moulded
Hull draft (maximum)
Deadweight (maximum)



Maria Dolores: USA charter waits out weather

Some 285 people have been sitting on the Maria Dolores, a chartered ferry, since Wednesday, as the ship's crew waits for the stormy seas to calm, according to State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley says.
Libyan authorities had been "cooperative" during embarkation at As-shahab port in central Tripoli located on the sea road across from the Radisson Blu Mahari Hotel. High seas have kept the boat in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. U.S. citizens are safe on board the boat. It will leave for Malta when weather permits. 68 metre vehicle-passenger ferry “Maria Dolores” which was delivered by Austal in 2006.
9333448 MARIA DOLORES 9HBZ8 Passenger/Ferry 260 2006 Malta

Tromp: Dutch frigate Libyan evacuation backup

HNLMS Tromp (F803), De Zeven Provinciën class frigate [very similar to the German Sachsen class], The air defence and command vessel, which left the Dutch navy base at Den Helder just two weeks ago - will now leave the Red Sea and pass through the Suez Canal once again over the next few days as it heads north. Should an air evacuation prove impossible or Libyan air space is closed again at some point in the near future, the HNLMS Tromp will be available to carry out an evacuation by sea.
and earlier
still earlier

HMS Cumberland: off Tripoli w/ Lynx helos

A team of six UK officials has arrived in Libya's capital, Tripoli while HMS Cumberland departed from Crete. The frigate, which was commissioned in 1989, is one of four axed in the government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review in October last year. She is due to leave service in April this year.

Cornwall class (Type 22 Batch 3) frigates

Displacement: 4,850 tons full load
Dimensions: 148.10 x 14.75 x 6.0 meters (486 x 48 x 19.5 feet)
Propulsion: 2 shafts, 2 RM1C cruise gas turbines, 10,680 shp, 18 knots;
2 SM1A boost gas turbines, 37,540 shp, 30 knots
Crew: 232 (245 as flagship)
Aviation: aft helicopter deck with hangar; 2 Sea Lynx helicopters
Radar: Type 967M surface/air search
Sonar: Type 2050 hull, Type 2031(Z) towed
Fire Control: 2 Type 911 missile control
EW: UAA-2 intercept, 2 Type 675 jammer, 4 decoy, Type 182 towed
Armament: 8 Harpoon, 2 6-cell Sea Wolf (72 missiles total, manual
reload), 1 114mm/55 DP, 1 30 mm Goalkeeper CIWS, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo
tubes, 2 30 mm


Pirates in the Mozambican channel

South Africa will dispatch frigate SAS Mendi F148 to the Mozambican channel to patrol the waters and help counter piracy. "We remain very concerned about the intrusion of piracy into our space.."

Displacement, tons: 3,590 full load
Dimensions, feet (metres): 397 x 53.8 x 20.3 (121 x 16 x 5.95)
MAIN MACHINERY: CODAG; 1 GE LM 2500 gas turbine 26,820 hp (m) (20 MW); 2 MTU 16V 1163 TB93 diesels 16,102 hp(m) (11.84 MW; 2 shafts; acbLIPS cp props; 1 acbLIPS LJ2 10E waterjet (centreline)
Speed, knots: 28.
Range,miles: 7,700 at 15 kt
Complement: 92 plus 8 aircrew plus 20 spare
Missiles: SSM: 8 Exocet MM40 Block 2; SAM Umkhonto 16 cell VLS
Guns: 1 OTOBreda 76mm/62 compact
2 LIW DPG 35mm (twin). 2 Oerlikon 20mm Mk1.
Torpedoes: 4 (2 twin) 324mm tubes.
Countermeasures: Decoys: 2 Super Barricade chaff launchers; ESM/ECM: intercept and jammer
Combat data systems: Thomson-CSF.
Weapons control: 2 optronic trackers.
Radars: Air/surface search; Thomson-CSF 3D; E/F-band. Fire control 2 sets; I/J-band. Navigation/helicopter control 2 sets; I-band.
Sonars: Thomson Marconi Kingklip; hull mounted, active search; medium frequency.
Helicopters: Lynx.

the German Frigate Consortium (Blohm+Voss, Thyssen Rheinstahl and Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werf)

USS Sterett (DDG 104): captures yacht pirates

Hostages were killed on their Davidson 58 Pilot House Sloop with a 500-foot USN destroyer nearby
Americans, Jean and Scott Adam, from Southern California, and Phyllis Mackay and Robert A. Riggle, from Seattle, were sailing on SV Quest for the tiny nation of Djibouti to refuel when they were hijacked several hundred miles off the coast of Oman

USS Sterett (DDG 104)
USS STERETT is one of the ARLEIGH BURKE Flight IIA guided missile destroyers and the fourth ship in the Navy to bear the name.
General Characteristics: Awarded: September 13, 2002
Keel laid: November 17, 2005
Launched: May 20, 2007
Commissioned: June 26, 2008
Builder: Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine
Propulsion system: four General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine engines
Propellers: two
Length: 508,5 feet (155 meters)
Beam: 67 feet (20.4 meters)
Draft: 30,5 feet (9.3 meters)
Displacement: approx. 9,200 tons full load
Speed: 32 knots
Aircraft: two SH-60 (LAMPS 3) helicopters
Armament: one Mk-45 5"/62 caliber lightweight gun, two Mk-41 VLS for Standard missiles and Tomahawk ASM/LAM, two 20mm Phalanx CIWS, two Mk-32 triple torpedo tubes for Mk-50 and Mk-46 torpedoes
Homeport: San Diego, Calif.
Crew: approx. 380


Alvand, Kharg: Iranian navy ships Latkia-bound

Iran frigate DE 71 Alvand and replenishment ship 431 Kharg will passage the Suez Canal toward the Mediterranean Sea on February 21.
The two ships will dock at the Syrian port of Latkia, the first Iranian naval ships to pass through the canal since Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979.

71 Alvand
LENGTH 94.50m
BEAM 11.07m
DISPLACEMENT 1250 tons / 1540 tons (fl)
1 / 114mm 55-cal. Vickers Mk 8 DP
2 / 35mm 90-cal. Oerlikon AA (II x 1)
3 / 20mm 90-cal. Oerlikon AA (I x 3)
2 / 12.7mm machine guns (I x 2)
2 / 81mm mortar (I x 2)
1 / 3 round Limbo Mk 10 ASW mortar
6 / 324mm ASW torpedo tubes (III x 2)
MACHINERY CODOG; 2 Rolls Royce Olympus TM-3A gas turbines; 2 Paxman 16-cyl. Ventura diesels; 2 CP props; 46000 shp (turbines) 3800 bhp (diesels)
SPEED 39 knots
RANGE 5000 / 15
United Kingdom-built originally armed with nine Sea Cat anti-air missiles and five Sea Killer anti-ship missiles. The Iranian Navy has since replaced these missiles with Chinese equivalents.

431 Kharg
LENGTH 207.15m
BEAM 25.50m
DISPLACEMENT 33014 tons (fl)
ARMAMENT 1 / 76mm 62-cal. OTO Melara Compact DP
12 / 23mm 87-cal. ZU-23-2 AA
MACHINERY 1 set Westinghouse geared steam turbines; 1 prop; 26870shp
SPEED 21 knots
Can accommodate Sea-King size helicopters


Helga Spirit: arriving West Coast with ESPO

Destination: ANACORTES,USA ETA: 2011-02-20 03:30

BP booked Helga Spirit to carry 100,000 metric tons of oil loading from the Russian Far East port of Kozmino, the delivery point for East Siberian Pipeline Oil. The West Coast area, known as the Petroleum Administration Defense District, or PADD 5, imported 105,000 barrels a day of Russian oil in October 2010, according to data from the Energy Information Administration. The region includes California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. There are a little over 7 barrels of petroleum in a metric ton. Crude in London rose to the highest in more than two years as civil unrest spread in the Middle East. BP has about 500,000 barrels a day of refining capacity on the U.S. West Coast, including in Washington and California.



Convoy Escort Program: Bespoke non-royal navy

Insurers are weary of making massive payout and are taking the naval solution into their own hands - with the support of shipowners, freight operators, governments and navies. Leading figures in the London insurance industry have been working for two years on the Convoy Escort Program, which aims to provide protection for tankers and reduce the cost of insuring shipping operations.
One of the key architects of the program is the marine, oil and gas division at Jardine Lloyd Thompson, a leading Lloyd's broker for companies seeking insurance protection, particularly for war risks and kidnap and ransom. JLT are one of the leading brokers in the class of War and Strikes Coverage and place some of the biggest and most complex war programmes in the world. A number of these programmes are unique to JLT.

Leading insurance advisers to the industry on combating the piracy crisis with key relationships with the Navy/Atalanta/CTF, USCG, maritime liaison officers, government representatives and shipping industry bodies to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience to reduce the impact of this overt criminal activity.

Bespoke kidnap and ransom products for owners, managers and charterers are unique in the insurance industry. Our piracy team collates up-to-date information from industry military and security sources and then works with insurers to provide the best solution for either vessel specific transits or global coverage.

We have handled more piracy incidents than any other broker and have become the leading insurance advisors to BIMCO, the Navy and various shipping associations on combating this crisis and protecting the related exposures from this peril.

Our proactive approach to this phenomenon and liaison with all parties at the highest level, who are concerned with this activity, gives us a unique understanding of the risk and its potential implications to Owners. This combined with the fact that we are one of the leading brokers in the world for war and strikes coverage enables us to offer a highly specialised service in this class of coverage.


Horten: old frigates and Yemeni guards

Maybe a submarine?

ISIM Sinin Ltd. is the Maltese corporation owning the handymax bulker Sinin
ISI Maritime Ltd. (Malta)

• Tehran, Iran
• Founded in 2008
• Registered in Malta
ISI Maritime Ltd. is the registered owner of the Sattar. According to IHS Fairplay, this company is a subsidiary of the IranoHind Shipping company, a company the United States Treasury Department has designated as linked to Irisl and therefore subject to sanctions. ISI Maritime also is a major shareholder in Isim Sinin Ltd. and Isim ATR Ltd., two other Irisl-linked companies.

Norwegian navy has sold its frigate Horten to a former military officer and UN captain, Svein Johnsen and an anonymous partner,will use it to keep pirates at bay. Financing for Clear Ocean was in place Clear Ocean, will include the frigate, up to eight new ships, six helicopters and a surveillance plane, to patrol the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia.

The vessels will be armed, and the helicopters will be used to localize pirates. Officially, Clear Ocean has a 10-year contract with the government of Somalia to protect Somalia’s fishing fleet. “We are to protect fishing vessels who will pay for the fishing rights which again will increase the revenue in the fisheries for the government,” Clear Ocean was “not in the business of chasing or arresting pirates” and that the weapons on board are “to protect our own assets and customers, if we are asked to protect Norwegian shipowners, we will of course do so,” for a price to be negotiated.
Clear Ocean’s vessels will have a weapons system on board that can stop a boat from a distance of two kilometers. “If the pirates don’t stop before getting within 800 meters of us, they will be stopped,”
The defense ministry said it had no qualms about the planned operations for the Horten, which even has served as a temporary royal yacht in Norway. “We are glad the ship was sold and we got a good price (NOK 45 million) for it.” “We have no opinions about how it will now be outfitted or used. We hope it can be used in a positive way in the area.”
The boss of Norwegian shipowning company Stolt-Nielsen announced his family-owned firm now has armed guards on board Stolt-Nielsen vessels off the coast of Africa.

“We would gladly avoid having to do this, but we have no choice,” Niels G Stolt-Nielsen, “When we don’t have a convoy or patrol boats in the area, we’re hiring in armed guards from Yemen’s naval defense forces.”

Stolt-Nielsen called the pirates “terrorists,” and claimed that “the only language (they) understand is warning shots. Then they’ll back off.” He said armed guards are necessary. “There are people on board the ships who need to be protected,” he said, along with the value of the vessels and their cargoes.

Stolt-Nielsen, Frontline and Fred Olsen are trying to fight back. Frontline, controlled by tanker tycoon John Fredriksen, and veteran shipowner Fred Olsen are considering having armed staff on board, but won’t go into detail.

“We don’t have any weapons on board, not yet,” Olsen“the entire industry is drafting this now.” Olav Eikrem, technical director at Frontline also said he wouldn’t rule out having armed guards on board “soon.”



SININ: IRISL handymax bulker hijacked

approximately 350 nautical miles East of Masirah (Oman) in the North Arabian Sea, having sent out a distress signal, saying she was under attack, February 12, USN aircraft photographed 2 suspected pirate skiffs on board the vessel, now headed for the Somali coast.
9274941 SININ 9HOD8 Bulker 52466 2005 Malta

Sinin (Ex: Laurinda) 52,466 DWT, Bulk Carrier, Built 2005
Owners/Managers are Irano-Hind Shpg. Co., Built at Tsuneishi Cebu, Malta Flagged, BV Classed, Length Overall of 189.99 m., Length Between Perpendiculars of 182.87 m., Draught of 12.02 m., Beam of 32.26 m., Gross Tonnage of 30,064, B. & W. Engine, Speed of 14.50 kts at 28.50 tonnes per day, Heavy Fuel Oil, Horsepower of 10,600B at 116, Bunker Capacity of 2,386 tonnes.
Owner/Manager Details
Irano-Hind Shipping Co. Ltd.
Specialised Details
Grain Capacity of 67,756 cu.m., Fore & aft hatches, Hydraulically operated, 5 Holds, 5 Hatches, 4 Crane(s) with a safe working load of 30 tonnes.
Additional information
IDENTIFICATION: Exname is Laurinda. Handymax Bulker, Call Sign 9HOD8, IMO Number 9274941. DIMENSIONS/TONNAGES: Moulded Depth of 17.00 m., Tonnage of 24,910 Panama Canal Net, 28,402 Suez Canal Net, 17,927 International Net and 51,637 Dwt (long). ENGINE DETAILS: Engine Description 2 S.A. 6-cyl., Engine Model 6S50MC, 1 fixed pitch Propellor. CARGO HANDLING: Bale Capacity of 65,601 cu.m. SAFETY AND OTHER DETAILS: Last known special survey in May 2005, Ballast Capacity of 15,407 tonnes.

Jun 12, 2002:- The Shipping Corporation of India will continue to be a partner with the Iranian government in the Irano Hind Shipping Co after disinvestment.

According to senior officials, New Delhi has conveyed to Teheran that it stands committed to the joint venture even after its privatisation which is expected to take place by next month.

SCI has a 49 per cent equity holding in the joint venture company which has a majority holding by the state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

Sources said the reassurance to the Iranian government has been informally conveyed since the joint venture was conceived as a government-to-government partnership way back in 1974.

The government has decided to offload 51 per cent equity in SCI in favour of a strategic partner while at the same time passing off 3.12 per cent shares to the employees. The government currently holds 80.12 per cent stake in the public sector shipping giant.

Iran o Hind Shipping Company
Also Known As:
Keshtirani Iran Ve Hend Sahami Khass
Irano Hind Shipping Company
Iranohind Shipping Company (PJS)
Iran and India Shipping Company
Iran Hind Shipping Company
Irano Hind
Irano Hind Shiping Co. (P.J.S)
Irano-hind Shipping Company
Irano-hind Shipping Co
Iran and India Shipping Co.
Iranohind Shipping Co.
Keshtirani Iran Ve Hend Sahami Khass
Iran O Hand Shipping Co.
IranoHind Shipping Co. Ltd.

Subsidiary of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL - see separate entity record); listed in Annex III of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929 of June 9, 2010, requiring states to freeze its assets within their territories and to prevent assets from being made available to it (with some exceptions); on September 10, 2008, added to the Specially Designated National (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), freezing its assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibiting transactions with U.S. parties, pursuant to Executive Order 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems; according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, IRISL and affiliates provide logistical services to Iran's Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL - see separate entity record); owns six oceangoing vessels transporting crude oil and bulk and general cargo; subsidiaries include ISI Maritime Limited and Jaladhi Shipping Services (India) Private Limited; other subsidiaries reportedly include BIIS Maritime, Imir Ltd., and Isim Atr Ltd.; established as a joint venture between IRISL (51 percent) and Shipping Corporation of India-SCI (49 percent); reportedly established in 1975; commercial director is Ardasheer Yousefi.


Irene SL: bumper profits on marine K and R

The Irene SL’s cargo of Kuwaiti crude oil represents nearly 20% (one fifth) of total U.S. daily crude oil imports. This one cargo is 12% of all oil coming out of the Middle East Gulf each day, and 5% of total daily world seaborne oil supply.

"Underwriters are paying far more attention to the security measures taken by owners. We can negotiate a discount off the price of financial protection against attacks by Somali pirates for those measures being put in place."

The most widely used on-board defenses against piracy include razor wire and so-called citadels - secure rooms with communications equipment into which crew members can retreat while remaining in control of the vessel until naval forces arrive.
Ship owners typically buy marine kidnap and ransom cover in the Lloyd's of London market, insuring themselves against the cost of raising and delivering multi-million dollar ransom payments.insurers are likely to step up their demands that ships operating in pirate-infested waters take physical precautions against attacks. Hiscox is the biggest provider of marine K and R in the Lloyd's market. In 2006 Hiscox plc moved its country of domicile from the United Kingdom to Bermuda, adopting the new name Hiscox Ltd
Insurers are reluctant to disclose the size of marine K and R premiums or claims for fear that pirates will use the information to set their ransom demands, with any increase potentially setting off an inflationary spiral.
Prices initially rose strongly in the face of strong demand before levelling off last year because of increased competition as more insurers entered the market, attracted by the bumper profits on offer.


Irene SL: Damage claims rising faster than premiums

Pirates operating some 1,000 miles off the coast of Somalia, 350 nautical miles South East of Muscat hijacked IRENE SL with 266,000 tons of crude, haunting waters previously considered safe. Crease/gap between USN and EU NAVFOR? "These are worthwhile targets for the pirates, who are feeling their way forward," .
"We don't know how it will develop but the trend is toward an increasing number of pirate attacks,"

Brokers estimate sales of marine kidnap & ransom policies have risen to about $125 million a year since 2008, when the products were first developed in response to an upsurge in vessel seizures and ransom demands off the cost of Somalia. "Damage claims have been rising faster than premiums can be adjusted up to now," Berg said, warning that losses could be much greater and might involve damage to the environment in the event of a sinking.

With 40 naval warships now patrolling the Gulf of Aden and waters off East Africa, pirates are shifting their attention further afield, including towards the Strait of Hormuz, through which pass around 40 percent of the world's oil shipments by sea.
Ransom payments have shot up over the last five years and now average around $4.5 million TO $5 million per ship, from around $150,000 to $300,000 previously. Hostages now spend an average of four months in captivity, a month longer than before.
The economic cost of piracy has been estimated at $7 billion to $12 billion per year, with shippers facing rising insurance costs that threaten to boost commodity prices.

Munich Re's premiums in the transport segment total around 1 billion euros ($1.4 billion), of which only a fraction is piracy-related.
Munich Re


Samho Jewelry: Somalia accepts frozen bodies

Somalia agreed to take over the remains of the eight pirates killed by ROKN seals and South Korea agreed to pay for transporting them. Seoul is considering various transportation means, including chartering a cargo plane. It is expected to take at least a week to complete the process.

The bodies were being kept in a refrigerator aboard the 11,500-ton Samho Jewelry after the Jan. 21 rescue operation to free the cargo ship and its 21 crew members. Five other pirates were captured and all of the crew were rescued alive, though the captain was seriously wounded.

The chemical carrier has since moved to the Omani port of Muscat and is stationed there. On February 9, the bodies were removed from the ship and taken to a police hospital mortuary in Oman. The freighter planned to leave the port later February 10.


Samho Jewelry: no country would take detainees

- South Korea is considering forging agreements with some neighboring countries of Somalia to seek their help in handling captured pirates, an official said Wednesday.

The move came after Seoul was unable to find a country willing to accept the five pirates captured in last month's commando operation to free the South Korean freighter Samho Jewelry and its 21-member crew.

The pirates were then brought to South Korea for investigation and trial.


Savina Caylyn: Luigi D'Amato, Paolo Scerni VLCC

Savina Caylyn IMO 9489285, hijacked 670 nm E. Socatra, en route to Bashayer (Sudan)

Dolphin Tanker is a joint venture between Luigi D'Amato , President of Fratelli D'Amato International group and Paolo Scerni, President of Scerni Group. Dolphin Tanker s.r.l. is a 50% joint venture between Scerni Group and Fratelli D'Amato S.p.a. Il Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of Labor) Luigi D’Amato serves as the President. Fratelli D'Amato Spa is fully owned by Luigi D'Amato, who is also the sole administrator.
Dolphin Tankers – a joint venture between Luigi D’Amato, president of Fratelli D’Amato International Group, and Paolo Scerni, president of Scerni Group - which presently owns 6 tankers, might come to an end by mutual consent. Although neither of the partner were willing to comment, it seems that at the root of this decision there are different strategic views. These would include the fate of the 3 VLCCs ordered in summer 2008 from the Korean shipyard STX (whose delivery is confirmed at the moment but delayed to 2013 and 2014), compounded with the current poor shape of the liquid bulk market.
Not even a personal letter from Paolo Scerni’s father, Gianni, to Luigi D’Amato, was able to remedy the disagreement between the two presidents. Banks which granted credit lines for the ships in the past years – i.e., Milan-based Centrobanca, Genoa-based Banca Carige, and Deutsche Bank AG – have been informed of the ongoing restructuring, necessary in order to preserve the earnings from a pool of ships which made last year a 4 million euros profit.
Most probably, the break-up of Dolphin Tankers will include the even split of its fleet, currently made of 3 pairs of sisterships. They are the 72,300 dwt Panamaxes White Dolphin and Blue Dolphin, built in 2003, which were offered last March to the Chilean oil company Empresa Nacional del Petrolio for 32 million dollars in a bid eventually won by another owner, and the 4 Aframaxes of Chinese make, i.e., 104,225 dwt Enrica Lexie and Savina Caylyn Shanghai built in 2008 at the Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding shipyard, and 109,000 dwt D.T. Mariano and D.T. Vincenzo P. built in 2009 at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding shipyard. Given their young age and the ongoing market prices, these four ships are likely the most alluring to investors with adequate financial means.

D'Amato browse the daisy on the third maxi-tanker
The owner, partner in Dolphin Scerni Tankers, has not yet exercised the option to mate the two Korean VLCC
There is no 'in threes? . Not necessarily, or at least not yet, to hear the people involved in the case that concerns the relations between the Italian Tankers Dolphin is the most 'popular with Korean yards - at least in our country, judging from the harvest of crops orders tricolor - STX Shipyards. In fact, not 'yet been completed on the contract for the third maxi-tanker to follow the two VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier 320,000 DWT that the binomial Fratelli d'Amato-Scerni (Partners in Dolphin Tankers) had set a few months ago (n Ship2Shore . 28/2008), propitiated by the broker of Neapolitan Aldo Frulio Unitramp, because today is not 'formally exercised the option."It 's too early to speak of a third VLCC since' nothing, 'defined as" confirmation response from Asia, where and' engaged in various business appointments, Cav. Luigi D'Amato. Luigi D'Amato "Price levels in debate - there are rumors of an investment's value at around $ 150 million, Ed - are more 'high and eventually there will be' a right to privacy."
If and when it will be 'signed the contract, the unit' should be completed near the first two, planned for delivery in 2011.
. Meanwhile, the owner is from Naples 'enjoy' the current situation of uncertainty and despair that animates the shipping market, bolstered by a prudent and forward-looking strategy. "Those of us who have been sold in a timely 7 bulkers can today 'seize opportunity' on the fluid and supply vessels - areas which are still in good health because 'more reflective of the real economy - and also in other market segments.The speculative bubble in the dry cargo and 'loud bang was not only visible in the eyes of those who do not want to see, hoping to rake in profits for a long time The recovery will be 'slow and no more' use by those who declare 'default in the coming months "and' the merciless diagnosis of D'Amato."We completed the hiring of Red Garden, and for two years each, 2 Aframax: Alpine Alaska (together 'coated newbuilding 105,000 dwt) to $ 33,000 per day, SC, and Laura (together' in 2001 to 109,000 dwt) to 31,000 dollars a day.

ITALY’S Dolphin Tankers has had its assets split up by its co-owners. The venture between Luigi D’Amato, president of Fratelli D’Amato International, and Paolo Scerni, president of Scerni, was formed in 2002. Since then, it has owned eight Panamaxes and four Aframaxes, with three 320,000dwt VLCCs still on order at STX yard in South Korea. Six of the Panamaxes were sold before the company was dissolved. The companies have agreed that D’Amato will take two of the Aframaxes and two of the VLCCs on order. Scerni will receive the two remaining Panamaxes and one of the VLCCs. It has also paid $20M to Fratelli D’Amato to balance the deal.

Swan 42 – Class E

1) KORA 4 (ITA), Enrico Scerni, 1-1-1-2, 5.0 points


Tien Hau: 7th escort taskforce

Fenwick Shipping Services which operates the Tien Hau, said February 6 that pirates did not board or attack the ship and that everyone on board was safe.

"Three unknown speedboats chased after them for some time and then left. We contacted the [Yemen] navy and later on the Chinese naval fleet joined [them]."

He said the naval forces had escorted the ship out of the Gulf of Aden.

7th escort taskforce of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under Rear Admiral Zhang Huachen

Zhoushan and Xuzhou, both launched into service in 2008, are Type 054A (NATO Jiangkai II class) missile frigates similar to French Lafayette-class frigates. Qiandaohu (886) (NATO Fuchi class) fleet replenishment ship


Tien Hau: grab-fitted small handysize escapes

China Maritime Search and Rescue Center (MSA) said Feb. 6 that the ship has never been hijacked, and is now sailing safely with escort of the Chinese anti-piracy navy fleet.

Tien Hau, which was registered in Hong Kong, China, had been followed by a suspicious boat for a while, but it was never attacked or hijacked.
Earlier, Yemeni Interior Ministry had said the ship was hijacked by pirates some 20 kilometers off the Yemeni island of Al-Tair off the city port of al-Hudaida, and was heading to Somali coast.

SANAA, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Somali pirates hijacked a ship off Yemen's western city port of al-Hudaida in the Red Sea, Chinese military attache to Yemen confirmed
The Chinese military confirmed that the ship, which was registered in Hong Kong, China, had been hijacked by the Somali pirates off the Yemeni coast
9143312 TIEN HAU VRYK3 General Cargo Ship 18299 1996 Hong Kong

Ship Name: TIEN HAU
IMO: 9143312
MMSI: 477278000
Callsign: VRYK3
Flag: Hong Kong
Ocean View Shipping Limited, Hong Kong

Fenwick Shipping Services Ltd. is a bulk cargo shipping company operating out of Hong Kong with a fleet of five modern dry bulk carriers concentrating on the Asia and Oceania region.

First established in 1973 as Wheelock Marine Chartering, the company’s name was changed to Fenwick Shipping Services Ltd. in 1985 and now has representative offices in Sydney, Australia and Pune, India.

Fenwick Shipping Services Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1972. It is capitalised at HK$5,000,000. Its two shareholders, Antony L Marden and Oistein H Thorsen, both have over 20 years shipping experience. The company is a shipping agent acting on behalf of principals as chartering and sale and purchase brokers. It offers technical and commercial management as well as extensive consultancy services in shipping related fields. The company's market orientation concentrates on modern grabfitted small handysize dry bulk carriers in the Asia/Oceania region.
The company has close relationship with National Marine Corporation of the Philippines andBlantica Shipping in Indonesia which enables it to provide a comprehevsive service to customers who wish to trade in these countries.

Name M.V. 'Tien Hau'
Delivery 31 January 1996
Port of Registry Hong Kong
Owner Ocean View Shipping Limited, Hong Kong
Official No. HK-0985
Call Sign VRYK3
Inmarsat Telex 447727810
Radio Telex (MMSI) 477278000
Builder Chng Ku Marine Industrial Co. Ltd.
Hull CKS- 1089
Class NK NS* MNS*
Tonnage Net 6,091
Gross 11,478
Deadweight 18,299 tons at 9.065 M
LOA/LBP/B/D 145.0 M / 133 M / 24.0 M / 12.8 M
TPC 28.85
No. of deck One
No. of Hold/Hatch 4H/4H
Hatch Size No.1 11.70 M x 12.60 M
No.2 18.15 M x 14.00 M
No.3 20.30 m x 14.00 M
No.4 16.80 M x 14.00 M
Hold Capacity Grain/Bale 22,695.1 m3 / 21,106.4 m3
No. 1 3,382.4 / 3,145.6
No. 2 6,230.9 / 5,794.7
No. 3 6,975.6 / 6,487.3
No. 4 6,106.2 / 5.678.8
Strength Tanktop 12.0 ton / m2
Deck 2.5 ton / m2
Hatch Cover 2.0 ton / m2
CO2 in Hold Fitted
Hold Ventilation Mechanical
Cranes 3 x 25 T SWL Kawasaki Electro-hydraulic
Grabs 2 x 6 cbm radio controlled grabs
Main Engine Ssangyong B & W 7S35MC
4,891 kw @ 160 rpm
Generator Engine Yanmar M200L-UN
2 x 400 kw @ 720 rpm
Boiler Miura composite vertical water tube boiler
Consumption at sea 13 knots at 17.0 mt/day IFO 180 cst
in port
idle 1.5 mt/day IFO + 1 mt /day IFO for boiler
wkg 2.8 mt/day IFO + 1 mt /day IFO for boiler
Tank Capacity full H.F.O. - 862 cbm B.W. - 4,433 cbm
M.D.O. - 125.86 cbm F.W. - 204 cbm
Trading Area World Wide
Insurance Hull Norwegian Hull Club
P & I Gard
IMO No. 9143312
Class No. 960427
No. of Officers/Crew 25



Piracy: videographic

In March, when the monsoon abates and the Arabian Sea grows calmer, the pace of the attacks will quicken


Arctic Sea: those two Ilyushin-76 cargo planes

A COURT in Russia's far northern region of Arkhangelsk is hearing testimony from six men accused of hijacking the Arctic Sea, a cargo ship, in 2009, the bizarre disappearance of which prompted international speculation about a secret Russian arms sale to the Middle East gone awry. see
Alexei Bartenev, the brother of one of the defendants, says the case remains a mystery. Why Russia flew the eight alleged hijackers and some of the crew - 16 people in all - were flown from Canary Islands to Russia on two large Ilyushin-76 cargo planes capable of carrying 40 tons each, if not also to carry weapons or other illicit cargo. "All I can say is that it's very suspicious."
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