Savina Caylyn: Luigi D'Amato, Paolo Scerni VLCC

Savina Caylyn IMO 9489285, hijacked 670 nm E. Socatra, en route to Bashayer (Sudan)

Dolphin Tanker is a joint venture between Luigi D'Amato , President of Fratelli D'Amato International group and Paolo Scerni, President of Scerni Group. Dolphin Tanker s.r.l. is a 50% joint venture between Scerni Group and Fratelli D'Amato S.p.a. Il Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of Labor) Luigi D’Amato serves as the President. Fratelli D'Amato Spa is fully owned by Luigi D'Amato, who is also the sole administrator.
Dolphin Tankers – a joint venture between Luigi D’Amato, president of Fratelli D’Amato International Group, and Paolo Scerni, president of Scerni Group - which presently owns 6 tankers, might come to an end by mutual consent. Although neither of the partner were willing to comment, it seems that at the root of this decision there are different strategic views. These would include the fate of the 3 VLCCs ordered in summer 2008 from the Korean shipyard STX (whose delivery is confirmed at the moment but delayed to 2013 and 2014), compounded with the current poor shape of the liquid bulk market.
Not even a personal letter from Paolo Scerni’s father, Gianni, to Luigi D’Amato, was able to remedy the disagreement between the two presidents. Banks which granted credit lines for the ships in the past years – i.e., Milan-based Centrobanca, Genoa-based Banca Carige, and Deutsche Bank AG – have been informed of the ongoing restructuring, necessary in order to preserve the earnings from a pool of ships which made last year a 4 million euros profit.
Most probably, the break-up of Dolphin Tankers will include the even split of its fleet, currently made of 3 pairs of sisterships. They are the 72,300 dwt Panamaxes White Dolphin and Blue Dolphin, built in 2003, which were offered last March to the Chilean oil company Empresa Nacional del Petrolio for 32 million dollars in a bid eventually won by another owner, and the 4 Aframaxes of Chinese make, i.e., 104,225 dwt Enrica Lexie and Savina Caylyn Shanghai built in 2008 at the Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding shipyard, and 109,000 dwt D.T. Mariano and D.T. Vincenzo P. built in 2009 at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding shipyard. Given their young age and the ongoing market prices, these four ships are likely the most alluring to investors with adequate financial means.

D'Amato browse the daisy on the third maxi-tanker
The owner, partner in Dolphin Scerni Tankers, has not yet exercised the option to mate the two Korean VLCC
There is no 'in threes? . Not necessarily, or at least not yet, to hear the people involved in the case that concerns the relations between the Italian Tankers Dolphin is the most 'popular with Korean yards - at least in our country, judging from the harvest of crops orders tricolor - STX Shipyards. In fact, not 'yet been completed on the contract for the third maxi-tanker to follow the two VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier 320,000 DWT that the binomial Fratelli d'Amato-Scerni (Partners in Dolphin Tankers) had set a few months ago (n Ship2Shore . 28/2008), propitiated by the broker of Neapolitan Aldo Frulio Unitramp, because today is not 'formally exercised the option."It 's too early to speak of a third VLCC since' nothing, 'defined as" confirmation response from Asia, where and' engaged in various business appointments, Cav. Luigi D'Amato. Luigi D'Amato "Price levels in debate - there are rumors of an investment's value at around $ 150 million, Ed - are more 'high and eventually there will be' a right to privacy."
If and when it will be 'signed the contract, the unit' should be completed near the first two, planned for delivery in 2011.
. Meanwhile, the owner is from Naples 'enjoy' the current situation of uncertainty and despair that animates the shipping market, bolstered by a prudent and forward-looking strategy. "Those of us who have been sold in a timely 7 bulkers can today 'seize opportunity' on the fluid and supply vessels - areas which are still in good health because 'more reflective of the real economy - and also in other market segments.The speculative bubble in the dry cargo and 'loud bang was not only visible in the eyes of those who do not want to see, hoping to rake in profits for a long time The recovery will be 'slow and no more' use by those who declare 'default in the coming months "and' the merciless diagnosis of D'Amato."We completed the hiring of Red Garden, and for two years each, 2 Aframax: Alpine Alaska (together 'coated newbuilding 105,000 dwt) to $ 33,000 per day, SC, and Laura (together' in 2001 to 109,000 dwt) to 31,000 dollars a day.

ITALY’S Dolphin Tankers has had its assets split up by its co-owners. The venture between Luigi D’Amato, president of Fratelli D’Amato International, and Paolo Scerni, president of Scerni, was formed in 2002. Since then, it has owned eight Panamaxes and four Aframaxes, with three 320,000dwt VLCCs still on order at STX yard in South Korea. Six of the Panamaxes were sold before the company was dissolved. The companies have agreed that D’Amato will take two of the Aframaxes and two of the VLCCs on order. Scerni will receive the two remaining Panamaxes and one of the VLCCs. It has also paid $20M to Fratelli D’Amato to balance the deal.

Swan 42 – Class E

1) KORA 4 (ITA), Enrico Scerni, 1-1-1-2, 5.0 points

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