Tien Hau: 7th escort taskforce

Fenwick Shipping Services which operates the Tien Hau, said February 6 that pirates did not board or attack the ship and that everyone on board was safe.

"Three unknown speedboats chased after them for some time and then left. We contacted the [Yemen] navy and later on the Chinese naval fleet joined [them]."

He said the naval forces had escorted the ship out of the Gulf of Aden.

7th escort taskforce of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under Rear Admiral Zhang Huachen

Zhoushan and Xuzhou, both launched into service in 2008, are Type 054A (NATO Jiangkai II class) missile frigates similar to French Lafayette-class frigates. Qiandaohu (886) (NATO Fuchi class) fleet replenishment ship

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