Maersk Nashville: Lagos searches for toxic waste

Liberian-flag container ship Maersk Nashville IMO: 9304760
Nigerian Navy and other officials, acting on a tip, examined a container with number UESU463595-0 suspected to be laden with toxic wastes, upon arrival of the MV Maersk Nashville. The container said to be containing toxic wastes was opened and items found in it included used tires, fridges, pressing iron and other second hand items. The container listed contents as used items comprising a motor vehicle and miscellaneous personal effects, including electronic items (television sets and a car audio system).
Pirates freed a captain and crew member of a Ghanaian vessel in Nigerian waters on March 31, three days after they seized it off the coast of Cameroon. The hostages are being held in Abana on near a long-disputed peninsula, the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula ceded to Cameroon by Nigeria two years ago.

Attackers hijacked the boat carrying goods from Ghana to Cameroon and Nigeria on Sunday and demanded a $1.5 million ransom for the release of the two hostages.

"MV Seagull was coming from Cameroon when it was attacked very close to Bakassi peninsula in the Cameroonian waters," he said.

"They (the pirates) didn't find anything valuable to steal, so they took the captain and the engineer off the ship.Our men found the vessel abandoned at a place in Abana and we towed it to Calabar," said Nigerian Navy spokesman Commodore David Nabaida. "Now the men and the vessel are in Calabar."

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