Shen Neng 1: aware others used the shortcut

Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd. generates and distributes electricity and gas. The Company supplies power to cities in the Peoples Republic of China, including Shenzhen, Huizhou and Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Shenzhen is located in the very south of Guangdong Province. Overlooking Hong Kong to the south and bordering Kowloon.

The business scope of the company includes the development, production, purchase and marketing of various conventional energies and new energies; investment and operation of development and transportation of energy related raw material, and ports, dock and storage industry etc; investment and operation of land industry, real estate industry and leasing industry etc that coordinated with energy; investment and operation of high-tech industries that can improve the efficiency of energy utilization; operation, import and export of the set equipment, supporting equipment, machine tools and vehicles that are needed in the energy projects of the company; the design, construction, management and operation of various energy projects and staff training, consultation and other related service businesses related to energy projects; development, transfer and service of environmental protection technology; property management, leasing of proprietary property; and other businesses that can improve the economic benefits of the society.

Until the end of the year 2007, the total assets of Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd. was 24.5 billion yuan, the holding installed capacity reached 4.652 million kilowatt, the power plants where the company holds the majority of shares mainly distributes in Shenzhen and its surroundings, which mainly are Shenzhen Mawan General Power Plant (1.84 million kilowatt), Shenzhen East Power Plant (1.17 million kilowatt), Dongguan Shajiao B Power Plant (700,000 kilowatt), Shenzhen Yueliangwan Power Plant (180,000 kilowatt), Dongguan Zhangyang Power Plant (360,000 kilowatt), Huizhou Fengda Power Plant (360,000 kilowatt), Guangdong Heyuan Power Plant (1.2 million kilowatt, under construction), Ghana Combustion Engine Power Plant (200,000 kilowatt, under construction). The company administers near twenty enterprises, a strategic pattern is preliminarily formed with power as main parts and comprehensive development of related industries.

Marine Safety Queensland was aware that other ships sometimes used a shortcut through the reef, a practice that will also be reviewed by the federal government.

The ship's owner, Shenzhen Energy, a subsidiary of the Cosco Group that is China's largest shipping operator, could be fined up to 1 million Australian dollars ($920,000) for straying from a shipping lane used by 6,000 cargo vessels each year.

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