Maltese-flagged Patriot hijacked by pirates

Pirates captured the Maltese-flagged MV Patriot early on April 25 in the Gulf of Aden about 150 nautical miles (280 kilometers) southeast of the coastal Yemeni city of Muqalla.
Vessel´s Name:

Type of Ship: Geared Bulker doubleskin
Dwt:31,840 mt
Built: 2002
Country Built: Japan/Hakodate
Flag/Call Sign: Malta/9HFX7


Marshall Islands tanker rescued by Dutch navy

HNLMS De Zeven Provincien, a Dutch Navy frigate on a NATO patrol responded to an assault on a Greek-managed tanker by pirates firing assault rifles and grenades.

IMO No: 9420253
Flag: Marshall Islands Signal Letters: V7QX7

Owner: Palmira Navigation Ltd. GT (ITC 69):24,066 NT (ITC 69):11,100 DWT:38,500
Manager: Roxana Shipping S.A.

Yard: Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd. (102545) Year of Build: 2009
Type: 106 - Tanker for Chemicals & Oil Products Sister Vessels

Class Notation: 1A1 Tanker for Chemicals and Oil ESP SPM E0 VCS-2 BWM-E(s) TMON NAUTICUS(Newbuilding)
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WFP concerned about Togo-flagged ship Sea Horse

ROME -- The Togo-flagged ship Sea Horse was hijacked by pirates some 700 kilometres off the Somali coast on Tuesday. It was en route to Mumbai, India, where it was due to load 7,327 metric tons of WFP food for Somalia. WFP is concerned that people in Somalia will go hungry unless the Sea Horse is quickly released or a replacement ship can be found.-World Food Programme


Togolese-flag Sea Horse hijacked off Mogadishu

Vessel hijacked by three or four skiffs and an unknown number of pirates, east of Mogadishu.
SEA HORSE 2009-03-30 ex SANIE 2003-12-01 ex IBN SIRAJ 2000-05-12
IMO number : 7315583
Gross tonnage : 4932
Type of ship : General Cargo Ship
Year of build : 1973
Flag : Togo 2009-03-30 ex Panama 2008-04-14 ex St.Kitts /Nevis 2006-03-03 ex Dominica 2004-11-01 ex Cambodia 2003-12-01 ex Algeria 2000-05-12
MAS MARITIMES SA (Marshall Islands)managed by SEALINK SARL, Jdeideh, Lebanon.



VC-flagged Irene E.M in the middle of the night

The Irene E.M was attacked and seized in the middle of the night Tuesday The M.V. Irene E.M., a Greek-managed bulk carrier sailing from the Middle East to South Asia was flagged in the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (VC) and carried 23 Filipino crew
Vessel's Details:
Ship Type: Cargo
Year Built: 1980
Length x Breadth: 0m X 0m
DeadWeight: 35025 MT
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 11.7 / 10.6 knots
Flag: St Vincent Grenadines [VC]
Call Sign: J8B2571
IMO: 7433593, MMSI: 377177000



Bahamas Bow Asir ransom paid and released

The Bahamas-flag Norwegian-owned chemical tanker "Bow Asir" held near Hobyo nearby Haradheere port is released and the crew is unharmed, the shipyard confirms. After much bargaining, a $2.4 million ransom ,has been paid . the ship had a 27-member crew including a Norwegian captain, 19 Filipinos, five Poles, one Russian and one Lithuanian. The shipyard says the ship still is in unsafe waters.
BOW ASIR IMO: 7926306
Call Sign : C6TW9
Gross tonnage : 14627
Type of ship : Chemical Tanker
Year of build : 1982
Flag : Bahamas
since 2009 Feb 23
1990 - 2009 NCC ASIR
1990 - 1990 Grenanger
1982 - 1990 Bow Explorer
Safety/MEP Only 19-Dec-05 NCC ASIR 7926306 Detention BF DNV


6.9 knots Panamanian vessel hijacked in Gulf of Aden

The Malaspina Castle, was hijacked April 6 in the Gulf of Aden, carrying iron and had 24 people on board from Bulgaria, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine.

Vessel's Details:
Ship Type: Cargo
Year Built: 1981
Length x Breadth: 183m X 28m
DeadWeight: 32587 MT
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 8.2 / 6.9 knots
Flag: Panama [PA]
since 2005 Feb 04 GREECE
since 1994 Feb 01 LIBERIA
Call Sign: 3EJN8
IMO: 7915967, MMSI: 372574000