France searches North Korean Ship Am Nok Gang

Mayotte, Indian Ocean
French customs officers have searched a North Korean ship in the small Indian Ocean territory of Mayotte. here The vessel, with 45 North Korean crew members, was searched "from bow to stern and top to bottom," but no weapons, drugs or other significant contraband have been found so far, but a slight excess of alcohol and cigarettes. here The ship was carrying cement and came from Singapore. Permission was sought to dock in the port of Longoni on November 11. here


MV Omranili searched in Mumbai

MV Omranili voyage

The Coast Guard, the Bombay Port Trust, the Indian Navy and the Mumbai Customs have formed separate teams to inspect the freighter and find out if it is carrying any arms or ammunition.


North Korean freighter, MV-Omranili, detained

Mumbai Docks
A North Korean freighter, MV-Omranili, was spotted in the Indian waters on October 29. The Coast Guard escorted the freighter to the Bombay docks. When questioned, the crew members told the Coast Guard they were on their way to Bandar Abbas in Iran and strayed into the Indian waters as the engine had developed a snag. here South Korea has turned down an American request for help intercepting North Korean ships suspected of carrying supplies for the Communist regime’s programs to build weapons of mass destruction. South Korea decided not to become an official member of the initiative and instead would remain content with its status as an observer “because of our special situation.” here