Go Trader: Crew stow away on Lendoudis bulker

Pirates managed to board the Malta-flagged MV GO TRADER from one skiff approximately 280 nautical miles (520 kilometres) south east from Salalah, Oman On the morning of 30 October 2010,
;however, after a couple of hours they eventually abandoned it, after having been unable to get control over the crew who had locked themselves in the ship’s “citadel”.

9108116 GO TRADER 9HML8 Bulker 45693 1996 Malta
Call Sign : 9HML8
MMSI : 256153000
Gross tonnage : 26062
DWT : 45693
Year of build : 1996
Ex Name: Talisman
Flag : Malta
Ship manager: EVALEND SHIPPING CO SA incorporated as a private limited company in Panama in April 1983.
Owner, Manager, 21 Filellinon & Souri str. 10557 Athens Greece Tel.: 210 3318019. Kriton Lendoudis, Managing Director here

CMA CGM Everest: arms came from Iran

Military-grade weapons cache found in Apapa, Nigeria's busiest port came from Iran. CMA CGM, based in France, issued a statement Saturday saying that an "Iranian trader" owned the 13 shipping containers its ship picked up. The shipment left Bandar Abbas port in southern Iran aboard the MV CMA CGM Everest, which made a stop in India before arriving at Lagos' Apapa Port in July.

MV CMA CGM Everest,

IMO 9300154 Container Ship 24084 2005 Marshall Islands ex- JOHN RICKMERS here


Polar: Tsakiris tanker hijacked off Socotra

MV POLAR was attacked during the the morning of 30 October 2010, approximately 580 nautical miles (almost 1,100 km) East from Socotra island in the Somali Basin. The owner confirmed this morning
Paradise Navigation S.A. is a Panamanian registered company, established in Greece under law 89

Constantinos Tsakiris is the Chairmman and Managing Director of Paradise Navigation SA, a shipping management company established in Greece and founded back in 1968, as Navipower Compania Naviera SA, by the Tsakiris family, a traditional Greek ship-owning and operating family.

Ship Name: POLAR
IMO: 9299563
MMSI: 371078000
Callsign: 3EBD9
Flag: Panama

Category: Tanker
Beam: 32
Length: 229
Draught: 11

Paradise Navigation SA, Managers of the “MT Polar”, regret to confirm that at 01:40 UTC on 30 October, about 600 NM east of Socotra island, off Somalia, their vessel came under attack by 2 skiffs and that armed pirates boarded their vessel. There is no further information for the moment. Twenty four crew members are on board, comprising 3 Greek nationals, 3 Montenegrin, 1 Serbian, 1 Romanian and 16 Filipinos.

At the time of the attack the Panama flag oil products tanker “Polar” with dwt 72,825, was en route from St. Petersburg and Kronshtadt to Singapore with a cargo of fuel oil. All the appropriate authorities have been contacted immediately and made aware of the situation, including the Flag State, the counter piracy coordination force EU NAVFOR and the crew manning agencies of the seafarers involved.

The whole focus of Paradise Navigation is to ensure the safety, well being and early release of the seafarers on board the tanker, while keeping their families -and the crew manning agents- fully advised of the situation and any developments, understanding fully the great concern they must have at this time for their loved ones.

Paradise Navigation receives the support of all the necessary advisors in dealing with this hijack and will not be providing any operational details that might endanger the lives of its crew, nor encourage further criminal attacks of this kind. The company asks that commentators on this event accept and understand this position.


Pirates attacked the 73,821 dwt products tanker ‘Hellespont Protector’ in the Gulf of Aden, according to Hellespont, but were unsuccessful in their bid to capture the vessel.

The tanker was approached by the pirates’ vessel while it was sailing in a Thai navy convoy.

“When the attack occurred, the master took evasive action to deter the pirates. The Thai navy launched a helicopter in response to the request for assistance by the vessel,” the company said.

Hellespont Ship Management GmbH & Co KG.

HELLESPONT PROTECTOR General Specifications
General Specifications P&I Club
Call Sign: A8LD3 P&I Club Britannnia
Flag: Liberia
Hull: Double hull Capacities
Built: 2007-12 Oil @ 98% m3:: 81,302
Yard: NCS Oil @ 98% Barrels: 531,198
Class: ABS Slop tanks only @ 98% 2,833
IMO number: 9351452


Tankers: 1975 redux

The global oil-tanker fleet will expand by 86.5 million deadweight tons in the next two years, equal to about 27 percent of existing capacity, The extra ships would exceed the previous record of 79.8 million deadweight tons set in 1974 and 1975.


Beluga Fortune: ducked into panic room, cut fuel

Hijackers fled a heavy-lift cargo ship and a British frigate took charge.
Beluga Fortune's crew sent out an emergency call, barricaded themselves in a special security room, shut off the fuel supply and the bridge and informed the military. "This way the pirates could not bring the ship under their control or take the sailors at ransom." Beluga Shipping GmbH says that a British frigate, a surveillance plane and a helicopter were involved in freeing the German cargo ship. The rescue was peaceful because by the time the military entered the Beluga Fortune the pirates had already fled. The crew had trained for an emergency situation like this many times over the years. here

IMO: 9402067
MMSI: 305222000
Callsign: V2D13
Flag: Antigua and Barbuda

Category: Cargo
Beam: 21
Length: 138
Draught: 8.3

The oil and gas industry, the offshore wind sector, port construction and expansion, production and modernisation of power plants and virtually anything big, heavy and difficult: these are the core worldwide activities of the more than 500 experienced experts and the powerful fleet of Beluga Shipping GmbH. As the innovative world market leader in the project and heavy-lift segment, we open new corridors and take unbeaten paths in efficiently meeting our clients’ requirements. The vessels in our fleet (currently 69 units, strategic target for the end of 2012: 75 units) are equipped with cargo handling gear that can lift a combinable load of up to 1400 tons on the most powerful units.

Additional capabilities include adjustable tweendecks and a top cruising speed of up to 18 knots. Thanks to their design, the ships are also able to operate on routes off the beaten track of the large global flows of goods. Our constantly growing fleet with an average age of three years numbers among the most modern of its kind. The vessels optimally combine a large cargo carrying capacity with low fuel consumption.

Looking to the future, a new generation of Beluga vessels is already taking shape at the shipyards: In 2010 multipurpose heavy-lift cargo carriers with lifting capacities of up to 1400 tons will sail in the service of Beluga Shipping. The unique combination of capability and efficiency of the P1- and P2 series will set higher benchmarks in heavy-lift business.


York: Another BSM LPG tanker hijacked

The vessel was attacked on 23 October by two skiffs, approximately 50 nautical miles East from Mombasa. The Turkish warship GAZIANTEP, operating under the Combined Maritime Forces (Task Force 151) launched her helicopter to investigate. The helicopter was able to observe pirates with weapons on board the vessel.

The German-owned Bernhard Schulte Management LPG tanker LONGCHAMP was released after the ransom had been delivered by air. Local marine observers reported that the ransom was delivered by an aircraft at around 14h00 2009-03-27, $6 million had been the demand. then read see earlier

9220421 YORK 9VED8 LPG Tanker 5076 2000 Singapore


Deepwater Frontier: well going to 4,000 feet

About a third of the world’s oil production occurs offshore and by 2015, that share could be half.
In East Timor, a joint venture led by India’s largest private conglomerate, Reliance, will create a test well about 1,200 meters, or 4,000 feet, below the surface in a nearby region known as Block K. environmental approval for the projects came on Sept. 20.

Of particular concern to environmentalists is that the project is to be carried out by the Deepwater Frontier, a ship belonging to Transocean, the same drilling contractor that owned the Deepwater Horizon. The April 20 explosion on that rig happened while it was drilling an exploratory well at about 1,500 meters.
Much of East Timor lives off subsistence agriculture, and there is negligible industry nor many exports. Many roads outside Dili, the capital, are barely passable by most cars.

The one exception is billions of dollars earned from offshore oil and natural gas production — money that is being used to build infrastructure and subsidize basic food needs. East Timor’s Petroleum Fund, which holds money in foreign investments, was worth $6.3 billion as of June 30, according to the latest quarterly report.

Deepwater Frontier IMO 9170224
- Drillship - Dynamic Positioning

The offshore drilling rig Deepwater Frontier is a Drillship type rig. It is currently owned by Deepwater Drilling LLC
Panama Flag.
Design: Samsung/Reading & Bates
Built: Samsung Heavy Industries at the Kyungnam, South Korea shipyard
Age: 1999
Water Depth Rating: 10,000 ft
Drilling Depth: 30,000 ft
Classification: ABS
here more
read see


VOC Daisy: Ransom paid by Greek Security

Panama-flagged VOC DAISY released from Garacad from under pirate control is on its way to Salalah in Oman, said JP Samartzis Maritime Enterprises's CEO George Shinitis. The Geared bulker has been free since at least Saturday following the delivery of a ransom "by a vessel believed to belong to a Greek security company operating in the area with two ships." more read

Maybe London-based Aegis Maritime Services?


Arctic Sea: Reverse flow to North Korea?

North Korea's No Dong ballistic missile has a tri-conic nose cone. That configuration is typically associated with Iran’s Shahab-3, causing analysts to say that technical information gleaned by Tehran in flight trials is being fed to Pyongyang. Such a move would suggest that Iran has made considerable progress in developing its indigenous missile-engineering ­expertise.The rapid rise is in Iranian ­lower-end rocket threats. The biggest worry stems from the fact that Iran is being equipped with inexpensive but effective guidance systems that have tightened targeting errors.


Golden Wave: hijacked. Really?

Golden Wave ex-"Keummi 305," 241-ton trawler with two South Koreans, two Chinese and 39 Kenyans aboard, was hijacked on Oct. 9 by the pirates while crab fishing in waters about 10 miles off Lamu Archipelago, Kenya, near the Indian Ocean. 54-year-old captain is the president of Keummi Fishers based in the southern port city of Busan.
Company shut down its Busan office in 2007 due to financial problems, and Kim had been master of the ship for two years to save costs.


Izumi: anchorage off Haradheere

MV Izumi is anchored two miles from the coast, 6 miles north of Haradheere, a pirate stronghold. earlier


Izumi: Sugahara Ro-Lo hijacked

Byron Sugahara

Izumi 9414955 3EMF4 Ro-Lo 20170 2007 Panama Beheer/managers: Fair Field Shipping KK [ Kaytaro G Sugahara] >>>NYK Hinode Line

A RoLo (roll-on lift-off) vessel is another hybrid vessel type with ramps serving vehicle decks but with other cargo decks accessible only by crane

Our company has been engaged in shipping business for years a member of the Fairfield Group
that Mr. K. Sugahara of 2nd Japanese generations is an initiator.

In 1996, FCC was established in Fairfield Group as a chemical principal occupation operator by
the elite in the field.

Taking opportunity of beginning the business in Connecticut State, the chemical fleet has
been expanded as a principal occupation ship-owner so that our company also plays the part.

The space charter of the chemical ship was begun so that FCC may attempt the business
development as a worldwide chemical ship operator between Iino Kaiun in 2001 that is major company in this field in Japan, and our company also has reinforced the chemical fleet according to the business strategy for the FCC afterwards.

The chemical ship market in the future will be expected further expansion so that we would try best to build the bridgehead as the chemical ship company.
Our company also has shipbrocking Dept. that the staffs mediate the buying and selling, a newly built ship, and chartering the ship.
In addition, we do agency business of Great American Lines established under joint
management with Maruha Group ( car and frozen refrigeration vessel), and also we serve marine transportation dissemination and credit inquiry of related enterprise in cooperation with LMIU in England.

Presently 170 nautical miles South of Mogadishu, October 11, the captain of the vessel stated that pirates were in charge of the MV IZUMI.

Incorporated by Bryan T Sugahara, Byron M Sugahara, Gunther P Keitel, Kaytaro G Sugahara, Peter Siviglia, Vincent J Yax, Great American Lines Int'l, Inc. is located at 5 Becker Farm Rd Roseland, NJ 07068. Great American Lines Int'l, Inc. was incorporated on Monday, November 22, 2004 in the State of FL and is currently active..


Djibouti: Elmore Leonard


Elmore Leonard, "the hippest, funniest national treasure in sight", brings his trademark wit and inimitable style to this twisting, gripping—and sometimes playful—tale of modern-day piracy


Samho Dream: back at Hobyo

Since the 4th of October the Samho Dream is again held off Hobyo at the central Somali Indian Ocean coast. back earlier more also see read


Arctic Sea: S-300 down payment refunded Iran

Russia announced October 7 that it will refund Iran the down-payment it paid for the S-300 air defense system. "We should return them all the funds," Russian Technologies chief Sergei Chemezov


Deepwater Horizon: Smit Salvage on stand

The joint investigation hearings on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster began its fifth round of questioning in New Orleans on October 4, 2010. here


Arctic Sea: Iran insists on S-300 missiles

Top Iranian officials have criticized Moscow's yes-vote on the new round of sanctions against Iran as well as its about-face on the contract that Kremlin blames on the resolution.
However, the Islamic Republic says the S-300 system is a stop-gap measure and it has plans to develop its own long range anti-aircraft missiles.