Goodby Solchart: finn former owner of Arctic Sea

The website Solchart.fi is down. Oy Solchart Management AB, is/was a private limited company which was incorporated in Finland on 11 April 2001, the purported owner of oy White Sea Ltd, the purported beneficial owner of the Maltese corporation Arctic Sea Ltd, owner of the phantom MV Arctic Sea, now sold to a Canadian subsidiary of a Dutch company.

According to information available at this time Solchart selling all its vessels For example, some of the money from the sale of Arctic Sea should be used to pay down debt, which hang on another vessel of the company, offered for sale.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you know, where is now Viktor Matveev, the main owner of Solchart? Least, is he alive?

What another vessel do you mean, the debt for which you mention?

Does the Solchart office in Helsinki still exist?