Moscow University: pirate probe off

OAO Novorossiysk Sea Shipping Co

Novorossiyskoye morskoye parokhodstvo OAO
(Novoship OAO or Novorossiysk Shipping Company JSC) is a Russia-based company engaged in the sea transportation of oil products. The Company’s fleet includes tankers transporting crude oil and petroleum products; product carriers specialized in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, clean petroleum products, vegetable oils, fats, molasses, chemicals, caustic soda; bulkers, which transport coal, grain, cement, ore, and molasses, as well as one passenger vessel. Its activities comprise domestic and foreign markets. The Company is engaged in the technical and commercial management of Russian and foreign vessels, repair, export and import of technical equipment. It has four wholly owned subsidiaries: Novoshipinvest OOO and Morport Sochi OAO located in Russia, as well as Intrigue Shipping Inc. located in Liberia and Novoship Holdings Limited located in Cyprus. Novoship OAO is in 56.26% owned by Sovremennyi kommercheskiy flot OAO.

Novorossiysk Shipping Company

Novoship at a glance:

* Today Novoship owns and operates 56 modern vessels aggregating 4.65 million deadweight tons
* Novoship has one of the youngest tanker fleets in the industry – the vessels are 6,3 years old on average
* The current market value of the fleet is around USD 3.19 billion
* The Company's newbuildings portfolio includes 5 vessels with total deadweight of 0.48 million tons due before the end of 2010
* Management systems of Novoship are certified under stringent standards by Classification societies and form Company integrated management system. Novoship has valid certificates of compliance with ISM code, ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), Green Award Foundation
* The Company's priorities include development of the Russian shipping industry, maintaining high safety standards, employing highly professional staff and maximizing shareholders' value
* Novoship is a major taxpayer both in Krasnodar region and the Russian Federation
* Novoship Group employs nearly 4,500 seafarers and shore-based personnel
* 15 Russian subsidiaries are involved in marine and onshore businesses throughout the south of Russia

A Russian Investigative Committee spokesman initially said on Thursday that all the detained pirates involved in hijacking the tanker would be sent to Moscow for proceedings, but later said the issue has not been discussed yet. here

Russia has not yet decided whether or not to send the Somali pirates captured after a mission to rescue the Moscow University tanker to Moscow, a Russian Investigative Committee spokesman said Thursday.

Commandos from the Marshal Shaposhnikov ship on Thursday freed the tanker after it had been seized by Somali pirates on Wednesday.

"The issue of bringing them to Moscow has not been raised yet," Vladimir Markin said.

Earlier an investigator said the detained pirates could be brought to Moscow. here

6.05.2010 Moscow University released

9.00 MT Novoship is pleased to inform that the crew of the oil tanker Moscow University and the vessel itself were released from the pirates who hijacked the tanker while it was proceeding eastbound from the Gulf of Aden. The company is expressing profound gratitude to the Russian Navy Command and the crew of the Marshal Shaposhnikov, major sub-marine ship of the Russian Pacific Fleet that carried out the operation keeping to the best tradition of the Russian naval mariners.

None of the 23 Russian seafarers on board have been hurt.

The key factor for making a decision on vessel releasing was certitude that crew members are safe in a shelter inaccessible to the pirates and there are no hazards to their lives and health.

Owing to timely and competent measures taken by the Master of the ship Yuriy Igorevich Tulchinskiy and his crew, the pirates failed to seize any crew member hostage and start the vessel after more than 20 hours of siege.

The Russian Navy headquarters and the Emergency response team of the Novorossiysk Shipping Company were dealing constantly preparing the rescue operation.

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