Samho Dream: 30 million ransom demand

Captain Kim, Myung-Sung, the Commanding Officer of the Republic of Korea Navy destroyer CHUNGMUGONG YI SUN-SHIN

A South Korean foreign affairs source on April 14 said CHUNGMUGONG YISUNSHIN DDH-975 KDX-2 class destroyer dispatched to trail the Samho Dream, a supertanker that was hijacked by Somalian pirates on April 4 had been given orders to break off pursuit and return to base. According to another source, the pirates demanded $10 million to $30 million in ransom for the men aboard the tanker from operator Samho Shipping. The 319,000 deadweight tonnage Samho Dream, which was built in 2002, is carrying crude oil that could be worth as much as $170 million at current oil prices. It holds the equivalent of more than one day's worth of Iraqi exports.

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