Hobyo: pirates may be in double envelopment

Pirates recently captured a boat loaded with weapons from Yemen that were intended for the militia, and had stopped paying bribes to the Islamists. who are said to be in Harardhere as the pirates move to Hobyo. The remote pirate stronghold of Hobyo in the Galmudug region of central Somalia fell to Islamist militants before in December 2008. Meanwhile, Dutch sailors are blockading that coast, Captain Ben Bekkering, “The arrival of the HNLMS Johan de Witt, which unlike the other navy ships has landing craft, means we can use different tactics. Instead of waiting in the ocean for pirates to try their luck, we go to near the ports of Haradheere and Hobyo where they come from to prevent them from sailing out. If they try anyway, we capture them.” The captain says the navy ship will stay in position off the Somali coast to “keep the pressure on”. The pirates who were captured have been released on the beaches.
>>>What if... the militia/Islamists were convinced/paid to advance now? By Saudis?, or from Dubai?

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