Arctic Sea: boarding party still jailed

The investigation extended the "pirates" in custody until May 18. And the lawyer Konstantin Baranowski believes that this is not the last time, it will be more prolonged. At the same time, the head of the investigative committee at the Prosecutor's Office Minister Alexander Bastrykin said that the investigation into the seizure of the vessel is nearing completion.
Alexander Bastrykin heads the Investigation Committee at the Russian Prosecutor General's Office

News agencies are reporting from Moscow that Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing Lieutenant-General Yury Nyrkov deputy Chairman of the Investigation Committee, a special council created within the General Prosecutor’s Office.
The chairman of the Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, until recently, a deputy at the General Prosecution Office, is one of Putin’s former classmates. Observers commented in late June that any hopes for transparency in Russia’s judicial branch had been firmly dashed by Bastrykin’s appointment as it likely meant that another Putin crony would have far-reaching prosecutorial powers, possibly surpassing those currently held by the General Prosecution Office. Genry Reznik, president of Moscow’s Lawyer chamber, believes that Nyrjkov’s appointment will not be influence the quality of investigatory work, however if the FSB would have a political interest concerning any criminal case, this interest will be realized.

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