HNLMS Tromp (F803) catches, releases 20 pirates

A suspected pirate boat, which escaped yesterday the naval frigate. Hr. Ms. Tromp, this morning is still forced to stop.The helicopter warned the fleeing pirates with some shots to go. „ "We have shot three boxes of blank ammunition from the helicopter. The skiff tried to evade. Therefore, a warning shot fired in the 127 millimeter gun. This gives a huge bang and a beautiful water column. .” Very effective. "The detained pirates, 20 in all, some of whom were caught earlier, will be released with their boat near the Somali coast on March 19. The Dutch navy has to release the pirates because of the difficulties associated with putting them on trial.

Seven pirates escaped in the first instance, after the commander of the Tromp, sea captain Hans Lodder was no longer justified the pursuit in the dark to continue. When the naval frigate swept toward Somali coast , it came in its continuing quest upon the fleeing skiff. . This was detected by the radar at more than 9 nautical miles from the frigate,which then sailed with high speed.

The Lynx helicopter on board was launched, and the crew knew the vessel and its occupants on the basis of earlier pictures.On board were some barrels of gasoline, a ladder had been previously found not present in the boat. Where the helicopter and the frigate fired warning shots across the bow of the skiff the pirates knew it was time to stop.

They have taken on board and be held tomorrow when they will be released for the Somali pirate coast.
Tromp has last week during Operation Sweeping Broom already called 3 full pirate action groups located and rendered harmless. This action by Hr. Ms. Tromp challenges piracy in international waters and protects the merchant ships in waters off Somalia. The navy frigate is currently part of the EU operation Atalanta. Dutch from the Department of Defense, tranlated by Google with a minimum of editing.

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