Corpse and pirates refused by Kenya

Mombasa, Nairobi, Kenya Kenyan Government officials have declined to accept three suspected Somali pirates and one corpse held by Italian Maestrale class frigate MM Scirocco (F573) at the port of Mombasa, on March 26 said a police source.

“The government has forced a temporary prohibit on pirates being brought into the country.” Coast Provincial Police Chief Leo Nyongesa told journalists. Our hands are tied since we have many pirates on trial in Kenya and we cannot accept more, he added.

Kenya is among two nations to have an agreement with Western naval powers for the arrest and prosecution of suspected pirates.

Italian Naval Warship MV Scirocco with the three suspected pirates and the dead man docked at the Port of Mombasa early on Thursday and is still at bay pending the government ruling on the matter.

Sources say that the Italian warship had interdicted the suspected pirates on the high seas.

The coast Police Chief also said that, “There is no way they shall allow the suspected pirates in our country for now, and this is a government directive and must be adhered to”.

On 24 March, the frigate Scirocco under the command of Commander Giachino Massimiliano rescued a small boat adrift about 170 miles off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean.On board were found four people, three of which were in very poor health condition, with signs of severe dehydration and hunger and the fourth unfortunately already died.

. Despite the difficulty of communicating with the survivors due to the lack of an interpreter, it was possible to understand that remained adrift for a long time, perhaps more than a week. The unfortunates were subjected to first aid and transported to Mombasa (Kenya).

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