FGS Emden: board, disembark two pirate PAGs

Brandenburg Class (Type 123) FGS EMDEN's helicopter found one whaler and two attack skiffs with twelve persons onboard on the 18th of March, it carries two AgustaWestland Sea Lynx mk88 helicopters and a rigid inflatable boat for boarding operations

When the suspected pirates noticed the presence of the helicopter, they tried to escape, and it took warning shots to stop them fleeing. They then jumped overboard and swam to their mother ship. More warning shots were required to stop the whaler that tried to escape as well.
Two days later the EMDEN’s helicopter discovered a new PAG, consisting of one mother ship (whaler) and two skiffs in tow about 250 nautical miles from Somali coast. Initially, the mother ship refused to stop and to follow the instructions given by the helicopter. Warning shots were necessary to stop them and finally a boarding team was sent onboard the PAG. The boarding team destroyed several weapons, grappling hooks and ladders and afterwards the two skiffs were destroyed as well. As a result of this action, two attack skiffs were destroyed and grappling hooks were seized.

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