HNLMS Tromp (F803) tackles and releases pirates

De Zeven Provinciën class [very similar to the German Sachsen class] frigate HNLMS Tromp (F803) managed to tackle pirates March 28, last night and this morning 2 times successfully in action. This time the pirates were 850 kilometer north of the Seychelles at about 950 kilometer from the Somali coast forced to stop.

Last night the Tromp discovered an attack boat and mother with a total of 7 persons on board. Piracy attributes, such as ladders and arms, visible on both ships were thrown overboard. Because they could not be linked to a hijack attempt, the crew was left by the Tromp with nothing but adequate food and fuel to get to the coast of Somalia.

The same happened March 29 with 10 pirates. . The Tromp, in collaboration with a Swedish patrol aircraft, found a mother and 2 assault boats. . They also dropped the suspect material into seawater. On seeing the approaching Marines of the boarding team the pirates surrendered. . On board the mothership were 10 drums each 200 liter diesel, which the navy crew made unusable. Both attack boats were destroyed by Hr. Ms. Tromp. From Dutch Defense Ministry[translated by Google with a minimum of editing]

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