NAVFOR sinks pirates and rescues umharmed

The Swedish patrol plane monitored the movements of a hijacked fishing vessel and reported to the EU NAVFOR Force HQ. . The EU NAVFOR Luxemburg patrol plane then arrived and provided cover and positional information to a Seychelles Coast Guard vessel
The pirates who abandoned this vessel and took control of another ship and set course for the northern Somali basin. Seychelles Coast Guard vessel used disabling gunfire and the vessel was hit below the water line and it began to sink. All personnel jumped overboard and were rescued unharmed.

At present the Luxembourg government has provided two Swearingen Merlin III aircraft operated by CAE Aviation. These aircraft are now based in Mahé Seychelles in support of the EU’s “Operation Atalanta”. However, the Merlin III is an old aircraft with a limited range of less than 600 nautical miles, it carries a search radar and an Electro Optic Turret and is a useful short-medium range observation platform.

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