LÜBECK, Etna: SNMG1 to Libyan Coast

FGS LÜBECK f214 Place for 2 Sea Lynx Mk.88A helicopters
The design is similar to the Dutch Kortenaer class but uses a different hull and propulsion system.
MM Etna (A5326) is a naval replenishment and logistic support ship.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after a meeting of NATO defense ministers, the ships were to improve the awareness of what is happening in Libya.

They should also strengthen the monitoring to detect violations of the imposed by the United Nations arms embargo better. According to diplomats to the "Standing NATO Maritime Group 1", which is currently in the western Mediterranean on the road to be moved off the coast of Libya.

This NATO naval force currently consists of the German frigate "Lübeck" and Italian replenishment and logistic support ship "Etna". In addition to be a group of vessels which are specialized in the removal of mines, ordered into the central Mediterranean.

Alvand and Khard, two Iranian warships, which entered the Mediterranean last month , have passed through the Suez Canal back into the Red Sea, on March 5. The port visit by the two ships to close ally Syria was an attempt by Iran to project its clout at a time when anti-government protests sweeping the Arab world from Casablanca to Cairo are shifting the regional balance of power.

The Suez Canal Authority said last month that ships of any nationality can pass through "as long as the country is not in a state of war with Egypt."

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