Rheinland-Pfalz ;Brandenburg: to Gulf of Sirte

Germany has sent three warships to Libya to evacuate its stranded citizens, .

"Frigates 'Rheinland-Pfalz' and 'Brandenburg' as well as tactical support ship 'Berlin' are currently on their way ... to support the evacuation of German nationals," the spokesman said March 3.

"In total, there are around 600 troops on these three ships," he said, adding the vessels were heading for the Gulf of Sirte to the east of Tripoli.

The foreign minister there were approximately 160 German nationals left in Libya. Two of the vessels will pick up German nationals who landed in Malta earlier this week after being evacuated from Tripoli airport. The third is awaiting instructions and could be sent to Libya to evacuate more Germans.

F 209 Rheinland-Pfalz', Bremen class frigates of the German Navy . The design is similar to the Dutch Kortenaer class

Displacement: 3,680 tonnes
Length: 130.50m
Beam: 14.60m
Draft: 6.30m
Propulsion: CODOG (Combined diesel or gas)
2 MTU 20V956 TB92 diesel engines, 8.14 MW total
2 General Electric LM2500 gas turbines, 38 MW total
2 Renk STG 150-50 gearboxes, 10:1 (diesel) and 720:47 (turbine)
2 propeller shafts, controllable pitch, five bladed Sulzer-Escher propellerss, later replaced with seven bladed ones from Wegemann & Co ("Bremen" only)
4 Deutz MWM diesel-generators, 750kW
Speed: 30 knots
Range: more than 4,000 nautical miles (7,000 km) at 18 knots
Complement: 202 crew plus 20 aviation
Sensors and
processing systems: 1 EADS TRS-3D air search radar (three dimensional)
1 WM 25 combined surface search and fire control radar I/J band
1 Thales Nederland STIR 180 fire-control radar I/J/K band
1 Kelvin Hughes Nucleus 5000 I band navigation radar
1 STN Atlas DSQS-23BZ hull-mounted sonar
Electronic warfare
and decoys: ESM/ECM EADS FL 1800S
2 SCLAR decoys
SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy
Armament: 1 8-cell launch system, 16 Sea Sparrow surface to air missiles
2 MK 49 launcher, 21 RAM each
2 quadruple Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers
1 OTO-Melara 76 mm dual-purpose gun
2 Mauser MLG27 27 mm autocannons.
2 Mark 32 324 mm twin torpedo launchers, 8 DM4A1 or Mark 46 torpedo
Aircraft carried: Place for 2 Sea Lynx Mk.88A helicopters equipped with torpedoes, air-to-surface missiles Sea Skua, and/or heavy machine gun.

F 215 Brandenburg
Displacement: 4,900 tonnes
Length: 138.9m
Beam: 16.7m
Draft: 6.8m
Propulsion: CODOG (combined diesel or gas)
two propeller shafts, controllable pitch propellers
two MTU 20V 956 TB92 diesel-engines, 8.14 MW each
two General Electric LM2500 gas turbines, 38 MW each
two Renk BGS 178 Lo gearboxes
Speed: 29 knots
Range: 4000+ nautical miles at 18 kts
Complement: 200 sailors and 20 aircrewmen
Sensors and
processing systems: One Thales LW08 air search D band radar
one Thales SMART-S air/surface surveillance F band radar
two Thales STIR 180 fire-control radar
two Raytheon Redpath I band navigation radar
one STN Atlas DSQS-23BZ hull-mounted sonar
one STN Atlas LFASS towed array sonar to be fitted
Electronic warfare
and decoys: 1 EADS FL 1800S ECM suite
two OTO-Melara SCLAR launcher
four TKWA/MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) decoy launcher (currently under procurement)

* Naval guns:
o One OTO-Melara 76 mm/62Mk-75 multi-purpose naval gun
o Two Rheinmetall Rh202 rapid-fire cannons to be replaced by Mauser BK-27 27 mm rapid-fire cannons
* Antiaircraft warfare:
o One Mk 41 Mod 3 vertical launch system for 16 Sea Sparrow antiaircraft missiles (ESSM planned)
* Antiship missiles:
o Four x MM38 Exocet antiship missiles (To be replaced by RBS 15 Mk. 3)
o Two x Mk 49 launcher for 21 x Rolling Airframe Missiles.
* Antisubmarine warfare:
o Four 324 mm torpedo tubes, Mk 46 torpedoes

Aircraft carried: Two Sea Lynx helicopters equipped with ASW torpedoes, or air-to-surface missiles Sea Skua, and a heavy machine gun.

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