Triumph: launched 12 Tomahawks

As many as 12 of the weapons have been fired from the hunter–killer submarine Triumph. Triumph can carry up to 25 missiles or torpedoes.

If this is correct, the Navy will have used up to 20 per cent of its 64 Tomahawks in the opening salvos of the war, leading to fears that it is "burning through" its armoury.

The situation could become an embarrassment for the Government if the submarine were the only vessel within range of a number of targets but could not fulfil the mission.

The submarines are stealthy and can loiter offshore unseen before going to depth to fire the Tomahawks.

The Block Four variant of the missile can travel more than 850 miles, can be retargeted in flight and can loiter above a target for more than two hours. 8:01AM GMT 23 Mar 2011
12:27 GMT, March 4, 2010 Nuclear powered attack submarine (SSN) HMS Triumph sailed from Devonport Royal Dockyard today (Thursday 4 March) following a successful Long Overhaul Period (Refuel) [LOP(R)] by Babcock – the last Trafalgar class submarine refit and refuel to be undertaken. The sub was built in Barrow-in-Furness.

“On Night-1, we executed approximately 70 TLAM strikes,” Harris said. “As of today we have conducted almost 200 TLAM strikes. Tomahawk is a terrific weapon system and, as we pound military targets across Libya, we’re using it to great effect.” Vice Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr.JFMCC

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