Kearsarge ARG: transits Suez Canal

Kearsarge in the Red Sea is expected to transit soon through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, putting it closer to Libya, put more options on the table for President Obama

U.S. officials said the repositioning of the Navy ship puts it in position for a potential "show of force" to the Ghadafi regime.

The USS Kearsarge has helicopters and harrier jets aboard, as well as a complement of around 700 Marines from the 26th MEU – Marine Expeditionary Unit.
It had a larger complement of Marines aboard, but the majority of the marines from the 26th MEU were diverted to Afghanistan a month ago.

The movement of the USS Kearsarge into the Mediterranean is part of the repositioning of forces described below. One US official says it’s all about giving the President options. No decisions have been made about what role the ship will play off the coast of Libya.

However, one phrase being used is that it could be seen as a “show of force” to the Qaddafi regime. the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise re-entered the Red Sea, but it has not been given orders to transit back through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea.
The USS Mount Whitney command ship (LCC 20) has changed its position in the Mediterranean as well,


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