Rheinland-Pfalz : German flotilla at Gabes Tunisia

On Saturday, the warships pulled into Gabes. The Brandenburg and the Berlin anchored offshore, while the Rheinland-Pfalz docked. After the refugees boarded the Rheinland Pfalz, they were taken from there in small craft to the two ships offshore, while the luggage was transported separately in a speedboat shuttling back and forth.

The refugees will sleep in huge hangars in the belly of the frigates where helicopters normally are stowed away. Mattresses have been spread out on the floor, and each hangar has a large TV offering Egyptian fare. For the German navy, it was the first refugee rescue mission, and nothing was left to chance. The vessels brought along an Arabic translator, leaflets in Arabic explaining the rules on a warship - absolutely no smoking! - and traditional Arabic food for the three-day journey.
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