Al-Nasser: Egyptian frigate in Tunisian port

Egyptian naval frigate El Nasser (F956) leaves the Tunisian port of Zarzis carrying 383 Egyptian refugees who fled Libya

In the 1950s, the Soviets provided China with four Riga-class frigates by kits. Designed in 1962 and generally based on the Riga frame, the hull form was changed from flush deck to long forecastle to accommodate the very big and heavy medium-speed diesel engine.
a guided missile frigate based on an a little scaled down 053K's hull, which became the Type 053H (Jianghu-I class) frigate (the 'H' here means 'Hai' (anti-ship))

The French helicopter carrier Mistral left the southern port of Toulon Saturday bound for southern Tunisia from where it will help evacuate Egyptian refugees from Libya.

Accompanied by a frigate it is due to repatriate Egyptians from the Tunisian port of Sarzis. The ship is due to arrive March 7 and reach the Egyptian port of Alexandria after three days at sea.

956 Al-Nasser (053H1): ex-PLAN #546

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