IOE: still an insurance mystery

A tourist 116 -foot boat popular with British diving enthusiasts was boarded by Somali pirates near the Seychelles, hundreds of miles from the hijackers’ lair on the East African coast.

The Indian Ocean Explorer had just dropped her passengers on Assumption Island when she was attacked, The vessel made only a handful of voyages each year for up to 12 passengers willing to pay to swim with whale sharks and green turtles. was registered in Panama and had been recently sold in March 2009 , but operators did not give the identity or nationality of the new owner. The owner paid $450,000 and all 7 crew of Seychelles nationality were released and repatriated . The ship’s owner was reported reluctant to negotiate the demanded ransom of $1 million and the hijackers reportedly decided to burn the ship off the coast of Harardheere, but so far no independent confirmation or evidence for the actual sinking received.

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