Iran Sanctions: corporate prestidigitation

Nigel Howard Malpass
Having lived and worked in Ramsey for 20 years I believe that
I have that local understanding. For over ten of those years I
was the Managing Director of an Isle of Man based
International group of companies dealing daily with both local
and global issues.

Nigel Malpass
10 Clifton Drive
Isle of Man
Telephone: 813774 / 814913 / 491234
Email: nigel.malpass@liberalvannin.org

Nigel Howard Malpass of 10, Clifton Drive,
Ramsey. International Marine Consultant

Shallon Overseas Limited

The Isle of Man company, Shallon, is part of a network set up with the help of Nigel Howard Malpass, a British shipping consultant who serves on the boards of Smart Day and companies connected to 43 other ships previously registered to Irisl, records show.

And the shares of many of those companies are held by yet another Isle of Man company, Woking Limited, which records show is wholly owned by none other than Irisl.

“I did used to be involved with Irisl,” Mr. Malpass said in a telephone interview, adding that while he had set up companies at the company’s behest, he had since “disassociated” himself.

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