Arctic Sea: Estonian security guy denies it all

Kross denied the allegations.

“The allegations that I ordered the seizure of the Arctic Sea are at variance with the facts,” he was quoted as saying by Estonian daily Eesti Paevaleht. “I believe that these fabrications are connected to my consultation services for Georgia on security matters. Georgia is not Russia’s best friend.”

Kross owns Trustcorp, a consultancy firm that has in the past few years been working with Georgian state agencies.
Latvian prosecutors said there was no evidence linking Kross to the Arctic Sea seizure.


"The argument that I ordered a hijacking, the Arctic Sea, not true," said Kross "I think it is an invention of the Georgian Security advice - Russia, Georgia is not just the greatest friend." Kross, confirmed that he is accused of hijacking Dmitri Savinsit because he rented office space. „"I know him like that and we sat in one office," said Kross.
"The Prosecutor's Office and the security police have checked every known criminal in terms of important linkages between individuals and Dmitri Savinsi, with whom he interacted with Estonia," said the Arctic Sea in Estonia process leading prosecutor Lavly alder."Today, the data gathered during the criminal-Eerik Kross Niiles occupation does not confirm the link between the Arctic Sea." -Google translation



Next spring, opens the doors to a spectacular eakatekodu Keila alongside Villa Benita, which founded by her husband ex-intelligence head Eerik Niiles Kross, Kross and Terje Linnamäe Margus businessman, .



Kross went on inside a marriage

Businesswoman Terje Kross (38) security consultant in the marriage-Eerik Niiles Kross (42) broken. Eerik-Niilese pugenud heart is one of the southern belle domestic origin. Terje said they moved to leave the Niilesega Eerik-half years ago. Going into the marriage contract was signed in the autumn, and then finalized the divorce.

"Grew apart. We were both busy and good at their fields," says Terje, who is a luxurious Villa Benita eakatekodu owner. "We definitely complement each other, and we are now just that, as we have, because with a year spent on. It was both our decisions. Our lives do not come to the third persons. But if the relationship is a dignified completed, you want to, of course, both to pursue their personal lives and we will definitely do well - after all we are still young. I'm happy that one phase of life has been completed, "says Terje Chronic Kale Kross.

Thus, Terje and Eerik-Niilesel is behind the previous partnerships. When working at the State Chancellery chief coordinator, divorced Eerik-Niiles Kross, Cynthia married the American Babskiga. Terje is 18 years old daughter lives with Diana Klaisiga Janek. Klais, Klais, who was associated with allilmaga, tried to pull Terjet dark transactions. Early 90s, they lived in the U.S., where Terje request assistance from the Estonian embassy. There she met Eerik-Niilest.

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