Arctic Sea: approaching Damietta, Egypt

Great Lakes Feeder Lines recently took delivery of a second multi-purpose ship, the 4,705-deadweight-ton ice-class Arctic Sea. The Arctic Sea will be used to carry breakbulk, project, bulk and containerized cargo. It has two box-shaped hold and a combined lift capacity of 45 metric tons. The vessel will call Canadian and U.S. ports.

GLFL president Aldert Van Nieuwkoop said GLFL plans to use the vessel in a regular “European style” breakbulk and container coaster service from Lake Erie to Montreal. GLFL already operates another multipurpose vessel, the Dutch Runner, on a regular weekly service between Halifax and St. Pierre and Miquelon, islands that are French territory off the coast of Newfoundland.

“We are looking at possibly adding a third vessel by the end of summer,” Van Nieuwkoop said. “This year is looking a little busier than last year. More steel is moving, more steel mills are kicking up again…. We are careful, but optimists.”
Great Lakes Feeder Lines was successfully formed in continuation to its founders forming Canada Feeder Lines, a now Dutch based European shipping company with no further ties to Canada, Great Lakes Feeder Lines, its founders, or to trading vessels in Canada or the United States.

The Arctic Sea was the vessel involved in an alleged hijacking off the coast of Sweden during the summer of 2009.

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