Arctic Sea: Estonian 'mastermind' controversial

"In addition to Laar, other senior government figures
faced scandal in 2001 in connection with the planned
privatization of the country’s national railway, Eesti
Raudtee. Media scrutiny revealed that a convicted felon,
Italian-born Antonio Angotti, was among the managers
of the international investment group that had been
awarded purchase of the railway and that President Meri’s
national security adviser, Eerik Kross, had assisted Angotti
in entering the country. Kross resigned his position in April
. "[2002]

current events

Eerik Kross, Hans, now, not by expansion of the Russian market, but restriction of the political interests of "defense". Russia's interest is on the low-voltage line konfliktikolle and perhaps also political control of the market in Estonia, not the expansion of the market

Hans H. Freedman: Eerik, I am talking about Russia's increasingly more õnnestuvatest attempts to expand its gas market, and expand the activities of Russian companies in their own toorainemaardlates, Shell, and others capturing the rest of the world influenced by the mining companies to go. It also extends the power of the state of mass communication, the last one fell Kommersandi activist publishing.

Eerik Kross: Moscow's gas policy is still first of a new era of aggressive security policy. Moscow believes that global supplies of gas if the checks, then checks to consumers. In reality, it is not so easy, because consumers will depend on the good cooperation of the supplier to the consumer in the same way. Woe to the fact that the Russian gas sector is currently behaving jõupoliitilistest positions, but the economic and commercial positions in the light.

Eerik Kross: Baltic Sea gas pipeline itself has no security threat. Security threat is the way they were in Germany and Russia agreed. Such records management means that the EU and in other cases may be behind the country's neighbors to agree on anything and we do not know where the boundaries of the possible arrangements

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