RIM: drifting in heavy seas, pirates lurk

The Spanish Ministry of defense states:"The ship 'RIM', with North Korean flag, was abducted on 3 February and was anchored near Garacaad, on the coast of Somalia. His crew got today to regain control of the ship and fled due south, while being pursued by another ship hijacked by pirates. The frigate 'Victoria', on the instructions of the commander of the operation 'Atalanta' against piracy in the Indian Ocean, on June 3 went to meet a North Korean merchant ship whose crew had managed to break free from their captors.

On being informed of the facts, the commander of the operation 'Atalanta' ordered the frigate 'Victoria', which was about 100 miles and was the ship closest to the 'RIM', go at full speed to provide relief to a merchant .The frigate 'Victoria' sent a helicopter to link with the crew of 'RIM' and learn about the internal situation of the staff.

The helicopter remained in the vicinity of the North Korean merchant to protect, to the attempt by pirates kidnap again using another of the hijacked ships.[VOC Daisy] . The pirates gave up their attitude to the warnings thrown from the Spanish helicopter . -Google translation, some editing.

Dutch Ministry of Defense states:
The amphibious transport ship Hr. Ms. Johan de Witt has provided emergency assistance to the crew of the North Korean merchant vessel MV-RIM. The hijacked ship was for about four months off Garacad, the Somali pirates camp, until the crew last week single-handedly managed to get rid of her enemies and head for open sea.. 3 crew members were injured by this action, and have been taken onboard the Johan de Witt for care.

The merchant ship was in very poor condition so the engines dropped after a short time. . . The rudderless ship floating constituted no danger to shipping.
. Ms. Johan de Witt was ordered to assist, mainly because there are 2 hospital onboard. A Spanish helicopter brought a crew member with a gunshot wound aboard the Johan de Witt for immediate surgery .

. Technicians of the Dutch naval vessel noted aboard the RIM that the ship is not beyond repair, the electricity had gone, like the navigation. The poor condition of the ship combined with the high seas and wind caused the ship to take on water , resulted in the captain of the RIM to order his crew abandon the ship. Operational headquarters of Operation Atalanta was informed.
The three injured have been discharged from the hospital and have been instructed to care for their injuries. Soon they landed in Djibouti.

The merchant vessel is monitored by the operational headquarters of Atlanta so as not to endanger shipping. -Google translation, some editing.
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