Montecristo:Japanese escort backed off

D’Alesio officials explain that when the Montecristo came under attack, it was being escorted by a Japanese navy vessel. The pirates pounced when the Italian ship reached the Indian Ocean and the Japanese vessel moved off. The Montecristo had sailed from Liverpool and was taking a cargo of iron to Vietnam. The vessel’s captain is Venice-born Diego Scussat. Two of the other Italians on board are the deck officer, Stefano Mariotti, and officer cadet Luca Giglioli, the son of a D’Alesio Group employee.

Following the passage of Japan’s Law on Punishment and Measures against Acts of Piracy on July 24, 2009, its Self-Defense Force started vessel-escorting operations in the Gulf of Aden not only for Japanese vessels but also for all foreign vessels.”

“The legislation enables units of Japan’s Self-Defense Force (including P-3C patrol aircraft) to protect vessels from acts of piracy, complimenting other efforts made globally to ensure safe passage for ships off the coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden,”
Japanese MSDF anti-piracy

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