Rena: Filipino captain , navigation officer in Court

Salvors are now back on board the vessel Rena carrying out general assessments of the ship's status. A team of three salvors re-boarded the ship this morning, however, swell and weather conditions have not been favourable for restarting pumping of from the ship. "The bow section of Rena is still sitting firmly on the reef, however, movement from the heavy swell and tide action overnight has moved the stern section slightly further to the left. "Booster pumps have now been installed on the vessel Rena and further pumps will also be added to speed up the rate of oil extraction. Salvors will recommence pumping when weather and swell conditions allow this to be done safely.
Mauro Balomanga captain and his navigational officer of the stricken ship responsible for the country's largest environmental maritime disaster will remain unshown in New Zealand who appeared before Judge Robert Wolff in Tauranga District Court October 19.

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