Rena: 20-minute window to change course

The ship would have travelled in a straight line for up to 20 minutes before it struck the Astrolabe Reef off the Bay of Plenty coast at about 2.20am on 5 October. and it is a mystery why evasive action wasn't taken.
Decoded transmissions sent by the ship show the vessel took a managed, deliberate turn without on-board navigational charts having been checked. Rena's navigators only used radar recognition of land, and possibly the port entrance beacon to find their way.

Reports that the Rena is breaking up are incorrect. Salvage experts advise that while the Rena is cracked port and starboard, it remains together in one piece and is in the same position as it has been for the past week.

MNZ Salvage Unit Manager Andrew Berry (who today replaces Bruce Anderson as part of a shift rotation) says oil pumping operations are progressing. A booster pump is now in place, which is hoped to begin operation soon.

"All going well."

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