MONTECRISTO:Antonio D’Alesio bulker hijacked

Somali pirates on Monday hijacked an Antonio D’Alesio bulker, who with his brother Nello has been at the helm of the D’Alesio Group for over forty years.
9325025 MONTECRISTO 9HA2348 Bulker 180263 2005
Bulk carrier with transom stern, strengthened double bottom. Five cargo holds. Five pairs of water ballast tanks.
Builder Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd – South Corea
Delivery June 2011
Pirates hijacked the Italian-flagged Montecristo, some 620 nautical miles (1,148 kilometers) from the Somali coast.

. "The Vessel was hijacked on Oct. 10 in Gulf of Aden or further to the east at about 0700, no communications after that. Crew are 23, 7 Italians, 10 Ukrainians, 6 Indians," Dalmare said in a statement posted on the firm's website.

Montecristo was on heading to Vietnam which it came under attack approximately 450 nautical miles Northwest of Socotra, Yemen.

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