Rena: video boxship stranded on Reef off NZ

Rene: Liberian-flag boxship stranded on Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga NZ. The MV Rena's owners, Greece-based Costamare Inc, said they were "working tirelessly" on the response. .People know about the reef, and for it to plough into it for no particular reason - at night, in calm waters - tells you something terrible has gone wrong Officials say. 20-30 tonnes of oil have spilled into the Bay of Plenty, one of the country's top tourist destinations, since the MV Rena ran aground on October 5.
8806802 RENA A8XJ7 Container Ship 47230 1990
Official electronic charts that are considered 'paper equivalent' . at 22 years old this ship may still have been using paper charts,


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