Samho Jewelry: the captured piratesand corpses

Seok Hae-gyun, the ship’s 58-year-old captain, was rushed to Oman’s Port of Salalah and had a five-hour operation shortly after Jan. 21's rescue. Seok was shot several times by a pirate believed to be the leader when special forces began the rescue. The shooter was captured by the Korean military.Eight pirates were killed and five captured. Three special forces soldiers were also wounded during the mission.
The Samho Jewelry, escorted by the 4,500-ton Navy destroyer Choi Young, sailed to the Muscat, Oman’s capital. Although the ships are close to their destination, they are to enter the port on January 27, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, as more time is needed to discuss how to handle the captured pirates and the corpses of those killed during the rescue. Despite the risks involved, Seok secretly mixed water with engine oil to stop its engines, the military said, which significantly slowed the ship. He also changed the ship’s course to ensure it remained in international waters as long as possible to assist the rescue operation. Joongang

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