Golden Wave: South Korea says boat illegal

Golden Wave, with two Koreans, two Chinese and 39 Kenyans [39 Kenyans ?] aboard, a source based in Kenya reported, hijacked by pirates while fishing in waters about 10 miles off Lamu, Kenya, in the Indian Ocean.

Now it is reported that it was forced to help the pirates hijack other vessels in November and December because no ransom had been paid for their release.

According to an alert by the NATO Shipping Center (NSC), part of the Allied Maritime Command Headquarters Northwood, it and two other hijacked vessels “have left the anchorage and are assessed to be used by pirates as motherships.” Kim Dae-geun, it is said, was infected with malaria recently and was allowed to halt his forced assistance to the pirates.

In South Korea, it is considered an illegal fishing boat because it is registered as a local trawler and did not receive government approval for fishing in foreign deep seas. Owner Kim Dae-geun already took out a 100 million won ($89,405) loan from the government by using the ship as collateral. compare

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