Grand Fortune 1: Mongolia-flagged DPRK cargo ship sunk

PYONGYANG, April 5 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) had urged concerning parties to rescue its sunken cargo ship and help survivors return home.   Three crew members and two bodies were repatriated.

The Mongolia-flagged cargo ship Grand Fortune 1 sank in the waters off Jeju Island at dawn on Friday, with crew members of Korea Kunhae Co Ltd, Pyongyang, Korea (North)under the DPRK's Maritime Administration, while sailing to Shanghai, China. The 4,300-ton cargo ship, which ran aground at around 1:19 am on April 4, was heading to China from the DPRK city of Chongjin, carrying heavy oil and steel products.

Grand Fortune 1, Former names: Shinchang 2,- Sunjoo Pluto (Until 2006 Jun),- Beaver Ii (Until 2005 Jun),- Rigel (Until 1996 Mar)
IMO 8611805
Korea Kunhae Co. Ltd. 5423764  Pyongyang ;Sai Nal, Sai Nal 2, Sai Nal 3, Sin Pho, Wang Jong, Mun Su San, Kum Gang San (or Kumgangsan) 

According to Lloyd’s, the DPRK Government is the beneficial owner of 152 vessels, commercial operator of 30 vessels, registered owner of 12 vessls.

The accident took place in international waters some 43 kilometers away from South Korean waters, according to officials, adding that the route is frequented by North Korean vessels.

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