India blocks Chinese Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search

Captain Liu Zhonghu aboard Chinese navy ship Jinggangshan in the Indian Ocean on March 20.

List of assets deployed by countries involved in the multi-national search and recovery mission for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Southern Indian Ocean
 Royal Malaysian Navy vessels KD Kasturi, KD Lekiu, KD Selangor, KD Pahang, KD Terengganu and KD Kelantan.
Royal Australian Navy HMAS Success - Durance class multi-product replenishment oiler
China: Two amphibious transport docks, one destroyer, one frigate, one supply ship and one rescue ship from the Chinese navy, as well as 4 ship-borne helicopters. Another five ships from the country's maritime authorities, a bulk carrier and an icebreaker are also part of the search efforts.
 From Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas)  Eight  
 UK-   HMS Echo - multi-role hydrographic survey ships from Royal Navy, heading to SAR site.

Norway- 1 Merchant ship – Norwegian automobile carrier St. Petersburg.

[March 21] Indian Navy has four warships (INS Satpura, Sahyadari, Saryu and Batti Malv) deployed in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea in continuation of the search for the jetliner. Extensive air searches are also being conducted with three aircraft (P-8I, C-130J and Dornier-228) in the area," said an officer.

Five Chinese ships are on route to the site, the country’s National Maritime Search and Rescue Centre said on March 21. The Chinese ice breaker Xuelong, currently at harbour in Perth, is set to join the search effort as soon as possible, the Xinhua news agency said. 

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