Kolskaya: sinks in the Sea of Okhotsk

Rescuers have recovered 14 survivors and located 16 bodies so far. 37 crew members still missing
[earlier] Three lifeboats the rescuers found soon after at the scene were empty. One lifeboat remained unaccounted for by search and rescue teams, who held hopes it could be found with survivors on board. It was located on Monday, but was also empty. Rescue workers have found a raft with up to 15 people aboard near an offshore Russian drilling rig that capsized in the Sea of Okhotsk - but it was unclear if they were alive, more

[earlier]"The Kolskaya keeled to its side ... and sank within 20 minutes. The depth of the water at the site is 1,042 metres (3,400 feet)," Russia's federal water transport agency said on its website.

Four of the survivors, suffering from hypothermia, were airlifted by helicopter to land and taken to hospital after the disaster struck at 12:45 p.m. (0145 GMT).
[earlier]The rescue operation is continuing despite night having fallen. The Emergencies Ministry says 14 people have been saved and four found dead. Rescuers had problems with lifting the dead bodies from the water and had to leave them floating in the sea until the storm, which sank the rig, calmed down a little,
The drilling rig belongs to the Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka exploration company, which carried out work under a contract with energy giant Gazprom.

The drilling rig, which can take up to 102 people on board, was built in 1985 in Finland. The rig started its operations in September to drill and test the Pervoocherednaya well on the West-Kamchatka licensed block of the Okhotsk Sea shelf.

The rig, which is 69 meters long and 80 meters wide, was intended to drill a well at a depth of 3,500 meters.

A Gazprom spokesman said that the rig had fulfilled its works for Gazprom by the time of the accident and was heading for its base.

Investigators have said they are considering the rig's tow in disregard of a severe storm as the most likely reason for the accident.

but in 1992 Emtunga installed the living quarter module.

The overall module dimensions 32.0 x 16.0 x 14.0 m, three levels. Total area 1550 m2.
Total weight 582 tonnes.

Rig Name: Kolskaya
Rig Manager: ArcticMorNefteGazRazvedka
Rig Owner: ArcticMorNefteGazRazvedka
Competitive Rig: Yes
Rig Type: Jackup
Jackup Type: Independent Leg Cantilever
Rig Design: Gusto Engineering BV Schiedam / Triangular
Rated Water Depth: 328 ft
Drilling Depth: 21,325 ft
Classification: DNV
Rig Design: Gusto Engineering BV Schiedam / Triangular
Built By: Rauma Repola Oy at the Rauma Repola Finland shipyard
Delivery Year: 1985
Flag: Russian Federation


The 'Neftegaz-55' tugboat, also owned by AMNGR, had been towing the Kolskaya rig and took part in the search effort, but pulled out after suffering hull damage. The tug, carrying 11 crew rescued from the rig, was limping to port.

'Neftegaz-55 8418459 NEFTEGAZ-55 UHKK Tug 1397 1987

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