HAI YANG SHI YOU 981, 船主 nears Okinawa

Hong Kong-listed CNOOC and international partners including Canada's Husky Energy Inc [under Ka-Shing Li] and U.S. company Chevron Corp will step up exploration of the deepsea waters in the South China Sea in coming years, with the first major production from the Liwan gas project operated by Husky.

The companies would mostly drill in the northern part of the South China Sea, industry officials and analysts have said, staying away from politically sensitive waters to the south to avoid territorial rows with neighbors such as Vietnam and the Phillippines.

"981 will start drilling late this month or in January," said a company official, referring to the country's first and only homemade deepsea rig Offshore Oil 981, which is designed to operate at a water depth of 3,000 metres and to drill up to 10,000 metres.

It was reported that Li Ka Shing second son, Richard Li Tzar Kai was courting Emperor Entertainment Group female starlet, Isabelle Leung

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