Yekaterinburg: rubber-coated outer hull flamed up

The fire now put out. Wooden scaffolding around K-84 caught fire.The blaze soon spread to the submarine's rubber-coated outer hull. Firefighters were still working at the scene, pouring water over the outer hull as well as the space between it and the inner hull,

The blaze at the Roslyakovo dock, one of the main dockyards of Russia's northern fleet 1,500 km (900 miles) north of Moscow, is believed to have started when wooden scaffolding caught fire during repairs to the submarine Yekaterinburg, which some Russian news agencies said had been hoisted into a dry dock.

K-84 Delta class Ekaterinburg 17 February 1982 17 March 1985 30 December 1985 Northern Active, overhaul in 2002, overhaul complete, upgraded Sineva missiles [9]

Delta class submarines in fiction

In the novel Ice by James Follett a Delta II class submarine called the Podorny is dispatched to the South Atlantic to search for a missing British submarine.[20]
In the pilot movie for seaQuest DSV a heavily modified Delta IV was being operated by pirates, led by former seaQuest captain Marilyn Stark.
In the video game Crysis Warhead, the player character incorrectly identifies a cargo submarine as a Project 914 Delta IV class. The submarine in question has the missile bay removed and replaced with a large cargo bay.
In Terminator Salvation: Cold War, Dmitri Losenko commanded a Delta IV-class submarine called the Gorshkov. When the US launches an attack on Russia the Gorshkov launches an attack on Alaska.

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