Private armed guards now in mid-hundreds

The CGPCS Working Group in Copenhagen on 21 June.agreed that the issue of use of private armed guards was legally challenging and needed to be looked further into, whether vessels carrying private armed guards in other states' territorial waters can be considered in innocent passage pursuant to UNCLOS.
Experts and military officers have said firefights between contractors and pirates in the region may be a daily occurrence, although many are never reported.

They say it is difficult to estimate the number of private security contractors now working off Somalia, but most experts say it could be as high as the mid-hundreds at any one time. Until last year, security contractors usually acted as unarmed advisers.
Armchair admirals and politicians are quick to shake their fists, avowing, "Something must be done." Maritime industry is quick to follow, with unsettling incident accounts and dire financial projections. Yet, more informed analysis of piracy reveals that the impact in blood and treasure is altogether minimal.

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