Marine Oil 981, HAI YANG SHI YOU 981, 船主, Chen

Disputes over the sea’s islands and surrounding waters should be resolved through “dialogue and diplomatic measures,” Chen Bingde, chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army,
Cheng yesterday confirmed China is developing a ballistic missile with a maximum range of 2,700 kilometers (1,700 miles) and the ability to strike moving targets including aircraft carriers, the China Daily reported. The Dongfeng-21D is undergoing experimental testing and will be used as a defensive weapon, the state-owned paper cited him saying.
Underestimated Development

In January, the Pentagon said it had underestimated the speed of China’s military development, including a fighter jet with stealth capabilities that was unveiled in test flights this year. The Office of Naval Intelligence last year estimated the DF-21D missile had a range of almost 900 miles.

The weapon would be fired from mobile, land-based launchers and is “specifically designed to defeat U.S. carrier strike groups,” the report said.

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