RFA Cardigan Bay: off Yemen with hospital

RFA Argus is now on her way back to the main task group with her place taken by RFA Cardigan Bay, which has a small hospital aboard.

A Royal Navy source said: "There are about 80 Royal Marines from Alpha Company 40 Commando on RFA Argus and RFA Fort Victoria off Yemen, though RFA Argus is being replaced by RFA Cardigan Bay.
The RFA storeship Fort Rosalie will pick up a fifth Apache later this week and ferry it to the Royal Navy's helicopter landing ship HMS Ocean off Libya.

Security officials say Yemeni tribesmen have for the first time joined the battle against al-Qaida-linked militants in a lawless southern province.

The officials say clashes on July 10 in the towns of Lawder and Modya in southern Abyan province killed one militant and wounded four tribesmen.

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