Thor Nautilus: TTA ship escapes

THOR NAUTILUS, Thai flagged cargo ship was fired upon by one skiff and a boarding was attempted, but failed because boarders were unable to get through the razor wire which was fitted to sides of the ship, approximately 900 nautical miles North East of Eyl.

Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited owns and operates a fleet of marine transport vessels. Its vessels can be chartered on both voyage basis and time basis. The Company also provides shipping related services such as freight handling, shipping agent, and custom duty services
The ship agency business was originally established under TTA in 1983. In 2004, the
shareholders of TTA approved the separation of the ship agency business from TTA by
transferring the ship agency functions to its existing subsidiary, namely ISS Shipping (Thailand) Ltd. which was renamed to ISS Thoresen Agencies Ltd, or ITA. The Board of Directors recommends that the shareholders consider and approve the Naxco, Group to become a new strategic partner in ITA by selling to Naxco Asia Pte. Ltd. and Naxco Shipping and Logistics (Thailand) Limited an aggregate number of 255,000 fully paid ordinary shares, representing 51% of the total issued share capital of ITA at the price of Baht 120 per share, totalling Baht 30,600,000.

Price 21.000 Change 0.500 % Change 2.439 Bid 20.900 Ask 21.000 Open 20.600 Volume 9,613,500 High 21.100 Low 20.500 52-Wk High (01/12/10)31.000 52-Wk Low (12/02/10)20.000 1-Yr Return-19.880

Thor Nautilus
Built 1988 Warnowwerft, Warnemunde.
Loa. 165.5 m. Br. 23.1 m.
18235 Dwt.
Flag: Thailand.
Ex. Ivangrad (93), Brisa (96), Cape Arnheim (98), Berane (01), Contship Cyprus (01), ANL Pioneer (02), Contship Cyprus (02), ANL Pioneer (02), Contship Pioneer (?) Contship Cyprus (03), Provider N (?).
25/05-08 Koh Si Chang.

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0s0-Pa said...

I still can't believe how dangerous some of those foreign waters can be... I wonder how much money in goods is lost due to piracy every year.
-Jackie @ Freight Shipping