Kythira: Melissanidis bunkering tanker escapes


Mr. Dimitris Melissanidis, Aegean's Founder and Head of Corporate Development, rings the bell at the New York Stock Exchange marking the Company's one year anniversary listing.

SX-DGM, Embraer Legacy 600, Aegean Oil

KYTHIRA, bunkering tanker, based at Fujairah U.A.E. was more than 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 kilometres) East of Eyl, on the Somali coast when it encountered one attack skiff, which fired weapons and attempted to board the vessel twice on 30 November 2010. However, it increased speed and evaded the skiff

9417543 KYTHIRA Chemical/Oil Tanker 5500 2009 Liberia Aegean Bunkering Services

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